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Rwanda: political uncertainty and organs’ trafficking!

Skulls displayed at The Rwandan Genocide Murambi Memorial

Skulls displayed at The Rwandan Genocide Murambi Memorial

September 2014, the Rwandan president Paul Kagame is in US. It is the UN month and the majority of world leaders pass by the UN headquarters in New York to address their peers and the rest of the world audience on issues they think are worth discussing for the betterment of our humanity. After a few weeks of internal rumbling inside the RPF inner circle and some political clean-up on his part, it is re-branding time. Continue reading


Kagame’s visit to Toronto on 28/09/13: the preparations continue

As this happened during his last visit to the United Kingdom last May for his Rwanda Days, the president’s entourage is reluctant to communicate to those to be invited where the event will be held.

At the recurring question that the facilitator in the clip is asking: “What has Kagame done to Rwandans,” it would take ages to list the Rwandan president’s crimes towards his compatriots: 1) he has created in their minds a mental trauma which inhibits them from reacting to all the injustices his system applies to them; this is caused by the brutal repression including torture, killing, imprisonment, disappearance, constant surveillance, dispossession, exclusions, discrimination, deliberate starvation of population, forced sterilization, and so forth; 2) there is no freedom of expression or association; 3) only RPF politics are allowed; 4) to study, get employed or get access to any life opportunity, one has to be an active member of RPF; 5) targeted assassination of politicians, journalists, activists, and so forth.

People from Rwanda, DR Congo, Burundi and Uganda, it is only united against the evil that the Rwandan president represents for the Great Lakes region that he will be defeated.

More than 8 million of victims that he is responsible of should make everyone from that region not sleep until he is gone.