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Arizona in the picture of massacres, and Fox news, CNN, MSNBC do not report the news

Imagine the entire state of Arizona is massacred, and the press keeps deliberately the news under wrap. Though again hypothetically that state might have in its soil unknown reserves of minerals very indispensable for US and other developed countries’ industries of automobile, aerospace, and technology, its people don’t seem to have much worth in comparison to what can be extracted from the land they live on.

American journalist, Jennifer Fierberg, whose work focuses on the Great Lakes region of Africa, invites US public to imagine what it would feel like if the Congolese tragedy was close to home.  I reproduce here one of her articles which first appeared on Salem-News site.

One has to wonder if the international community had asked the people of the Congo permission to mine their minerals without displacing, murdering and raping them what would their answer had been. Continue reading


An Egyptian revolution still in the making

I am not Egyptian.

Nevertheless, Tahrir Square raised my hopes that change can happen anywhere.

Not necessarily in the way change-makers anticipate it to evolve, as this is always the case and everywhere.

Shaking the foundations of a despised system to build new ones, that is what matters most.

We are all Egyptians Continue reading

DRC: getting a grip to cast the first stone

By Felicite Nduku

The author of this note read Patrick Mbeko’s reflection also posted on this blog on how the latter understands the problem that Africans who consider the West as their savior have. Mbeko focuses primarily his analysis on the situation in his native Democratic Republic of Congo. But his arguments can be easily applied to the entire African continent. Felicite Nduku, who is also Congolese, reflects back to give the reader an interesting imagery of what has been happening in DRC, comparing it to the condition of a troubled family which requires outside help.  Continue reading

Patrick Mbeko: “The greatest enemy of Africans is in their minds.”

This is a note that its author published initially in French on his facebook pages. Please consider this as an unauthorised translation of his ideas that I found though pertinent for Africans. 

The African wants the West, which is the cause of his misfortunes, to help address them; he wants the approval of Westerners to be sure he is on track.  Continue reading

Patrick Mbeko reacts on ICC sentencing of Charles Taylor

As a committed activist for issues pertaining his native Democratic Republic of Congo, Patrick Mbeko, who lives in Canada and has recently published in French a book highlighting the role of that country in ongoing wars that have been ravaging the whole Central African region, does not miss opportunities to provide his views on other significant aspects that affect Africa. The following note that I took the freedom of translating from French was featured on his Facebook pages. It points on his understanding of the sentencing of Charles Taylor, the former Liberian president. Continue reading