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How western powers profit from genocide?

Excerpt from this interview with Keith Harmon Snow by RT and GRTV


“Keith Harmon Snow is an independent journalist and former genocide investigator for UNICEF… He has worked tirelessly to change the mainstream narrative about the notion [of genocide].”

Keith Harmon Snow:

“We have to be careful by what we mean by the word genocide. I mean Norman G. Finkelstein has published this book called – The Holocaust Industry -, which makes it clear that there is an industry that profits from the holocaust versus the real holocaust against the Jewish people that occurred. We have the same thing in Rwanda today. We have the Rwandan genocide industry which is an industry international global industry which benefits from the calling claiming and labeling genocide in Rwanda a specific kind of genocide, meaning what we have been told there was a genocide against the tutsi people committed by the hutu people.

The standard propaganda line is that there is 800,000 people to 1,500,000 tutsi were killed in 100 days in 1994. There is nothing about that story that is true. The true story is that the hutu people had been suffering a genocide. The United States government, the British government and the Israeli government backed the invasion of Rwanda in 1990; the war concluded in August 1994 when the US side won.

And then we blame the other side, the losers, meaning the former [French supported] government, who at this point had been decapitated anyway because we assassinated the two presidents of Rwanda and Burundi in April 1994. So anyway we blame them, the losers, with genocide. And that became the biggest propaganda line. The truth is US, Britain and Israel invaded, overthrew the government of Rwanda and concluded that war. And we have been in power, controlling Paul Kagame since….”


More Congo propaganda: M23 and the unseen high-tech genocide

By Keith Harmon Snow

Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo

The western propaganda system is again trotting out the refrain that “rebels in Congo have been defeated.” The latest so-called “rebels” — the M23 forces — are actually Rwandan government troops, not rebels. (True Congolese “rebels” — such as the Mai Mai [also incorrectly spelled Mayi-Mayi] are always denigrated by the international corporate media system. Reports now appearing in the western mass media are that the “M23 rebels” have “surrendered in Uganda”, or “turned themselves in” in Rwanda. This is nonsense, since these are Rwandan Defense Forces, most of them formerly National Congress for the Defense of the People (CNDP) “rebels”, formerly Congolese Rally for Democracy “rebels”, formerly of the Rwandan Patriotic Army/Movement (RPA/RPF), formerly Ugandan People’s Defense Forces (UPDF), formerly National Resistance Army/Movement (NRA/M) troops. (This is especially true of commanders, e.g.: James Kabarebe, Laurent Nkundabatware, and many others). The varying incarnations of “rebels” in eastern Congo have all and always been backed by Museveni (Uganda) and Kagame (Rwanda), in turn backed by the USA, UK and Israel. M23 is the same: another predominantly Tutsi army serving the Tutsi/Hima elites — not the people of Uganda or the people of Rwanda/Burundi.  Continue reading

Keith Harmon Snow, from his preface to Patrick Mbeko book “Canada in the wars in Central Africa.”

Chief Commander of UN peacekeeping forces [MINUAR] during the Rwandan genocide – 1994

In the late spring of 1991 I crossed Uganda on a mountain bicycle and slipped into the eastern Congo, then known as Zaire. I was not interested in politics then, knew nothing about race relations or imperialism and, certainly, nothing about genocide. Africa was an adventure to find and experience life among-st tribal cultures and wildlife I’d seen re-presented in the National Geographic Magazine. After a few safaris in Kenya and Tanzania and after summit-ting Mount Kilimanjaro (covered white with glaciers at the time) and inspired by the portrayals of Africa I’d seen in the western media imagination, I set out for the “heart of darkness”: Zaire.  Continue reading

Canada in the wars in Central Africa

Leaflet used for the launch of the book on May 12, 2012

Until lions produce their own historians, the story of the hunt will glorify only the hunter

African proverb

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