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China: US malicious worries for Africa

A while ago I came across a book of which title was ‘If China had discovered America’.

One plausible hypothesis from that would be for example that instead of writing these lines in English and from London I would possibly be doing that in Chinese and based somewhere in China.

The global metropolis the world would be attracted to would be Beijing, Guangzhou or Shanghai and not Paris, New York or Rome.

Of course, most of the street signs we read in English in the Anglo-Saxon countries would be mainly if not all written in Chinese.

A recent surprise though was to see in London buses covered with ads written only in Chinese without any English word to tell people what these unusual signs meant apart from like pointing to the British public on such script as ‘We are Chinese. We have landed.’ Continue reading


Have you read the UN Group of Experts Addendum?

Picture - courtesy of The Washington Post

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (L) tours a refugee camp on the outskirts of Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo, on August 11, 2009. Hundreds of thousands of congolese have been displaced by years of armed conflict in the region. Clinton said she pressed Kabila to arrest officers behind an epidemic of sexual assault in the area as troops battle Hutu extremists, some involved in neighbouring Rwanda’s 1994 genocide.

Maybe you have not. Kambale Musavili, Congolese activist, who works with Friends of the Congo, did. He highlights a few points about the document: 1) evidence of Rwandan complicity with the rebellion M23 and other rebel groups in the region; 2) most importantly, recommendations from his organisation that could effectively calm the situation of never ending instability in Eastern Congo. Continue reading