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CourseCode: Honest reviews of coding courses or learning programming differently

CourseCodeThere are things we do in our everyday lives that we don’t think about while we’re doing them. For me, it’s writing. When I write I don’t question where writing came from, when I first got involved, or particularly how we started learning about the basics of the alphabet. Continue reading


Why The International Community Supports Violent Conflicts In The Democratic Republic Of Congo And Elsewhere

Picture of Ba Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General, by Don't Be Blind This Time

Picture of Ba Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General, by Don’t Be Blind This Time

By Bosco Mutarambirwa

“According to Paul Kagame, FDLR is an “organization of genocidaires”. This is a slogan that the UN and Feingold have picked up fast, because they think it works. Perhaps Kagame should sue them for stealing his line of deception.”

The United Nations is a political organization whose operations are largely financed by governments of the world’s richest countries. These governments work to protect the interests of their business enterprises. These business enterprises have one single important objective, that is, to maximize profits for their shareholders. These shareholders and their business enterprises are the main source of tax revenues for their respective governments. The higher the profits the higher the taxes. Governments use these taxes to pay their membership dues to the UN which in turn uses it to pay for flashy cars and exotic trips for its staff around the world. It is a lifestyle many of these UN employees cannot afford anywhere outside the UN system. Continue reading

For This African-Focused Blog: Be A Contributing Writer

Baobab Tree

Only in 500 words.  No more.

You want change in Africa? Play Your Part: Engage And Become A Writer Contributor.

Our blog is an African focused platform allowing expression of different perspectives surrounding the image of the continent in its multiple aspects.

We have highlighted only a number of perspectives since we started in February 2010, considered limited resources available. Continue reading

China: US malicious worries for Africa

A while ago I came across a book of which title was ‘If China had discovered America’.

One plausible hypothesis from that would be for example that instead of writing these lines in English and from London I would possibly be doing that in Chinese and based somewhere in China.

The global metropolis the world would be attracted to would be Beijing, Guangzhou or Shanghai and not Paris, New York or Rome.

Of course, most of the street signs we read in English in the Anglo-Saxon countries would be mainly if not all written in Chinese.

A recent surprise though was to see in London buses covered with ads written only in Chinese without any English word to tell people what these unusual signs meant apart from like pointing to the British public on such script as ‘We are Chinese. We have landed.’ Continue reading

The African Challengers

Pessimism that Western media has for decades associated with the African continent has started giving room to optimism, particularly in the light of how poorly developed countries are performing economically since a number of years now. The financial crisis of 2008 which impacted seriously on the capitalism system has not gone away yet. In addition, excessively indebted public coffers across Europe and US are persistent evidence of a lack of a definitive solution to structural issues at stake.

In 2010, Boston Consulting Group [BCG] did a survey of African businesses which were standing out against the odds. The firm called them The African Challengers. They tell a different story of what is happening on the continent that negative propaganda continues to spread out. BCG identified forty companies [see list below], whose annual sales range from $350 million to $80 billion. They display a strong growth, an international footprint, and ambitious plans to further expand overseas.

Algeria: Cevital,Sonatrach; Angola: Banko Africano de Investimentos, Sonangol; Egypt : Al Ezz Group, CIB, EFG-Hermes, Egyptair, Elsewedy Cables, Orascom Telecom, Orascom Construction Industries; Morocco: Attijariwafa Bank, BMCE Bank, Maroc Telecom, Office Cherifien des Phosphates, ONA Group, Royal Air Maroc; Nigeria: Dangote Group, United Bank of Africa; Togo: Ecobank; Tunisie: Groupe Elloumi, Poulina Groupe; South Africa: Allied Electronics, Anglo American, Aspen Pharmacare, Bartoworld, Bidvest Group, Datatec, Imperial Holdings, MTN Group, Murray & Roberts, Naspers, Old Mutual, SAB Miller, SAPPI, Sasol, Spoprite, Standard Bank Group, Steinhoff International, Vodacom.