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Rwanda: “should Western universities associate themselves with dictators?”

Carnegie Mellon University, one of many American universities working with Rwanda

For academic institutions to partner with other similar educational organisations or others [businesses and NGOs] in different countries, with a purpose of furthering their aims, that can only be seen as a laudable initiative on their part.

Nevertheless, UNESCO, the UN institution for sciences and cultures, was denounced by human rights groups as irresponsible and shame full for awarding a science prize [£1.9m] sponsored by Equatorial Guinea president Teodor Obiang Nguema. Continue reading


China: US malicious worries for Africa

A while ago I came across a book of which title was ‘If China had discovered America’.

One plausible hypothesis from that would be for example that instead of writing these lines in English and from London I would possibly be doing that in Chinese and based somewhere in China.

The global metropolis the world would be attracted to would be Beijing, Guangzhou or Shanghai and not Paris, New York or Rome.

Of course, most of the street signs we read in English in the Anglo-Saxon countries would be mainly if not all written in Chinese.

A recent surprise though was to see in London buses covered with ads written only in Chinese without any English word to tell people what these unusual signs meant apart from like pointing to the British public on such script as ‘We are Chinese. We have landed.’ Continue reading