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Acceptance Speech of Benedicte Kumbi Ndjoko, a laureate of Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza Prize, on March 11th, 2017 in Brussels

Victoire is Lumumba in his indefectible courage up to death, Victoire is Sankara in the love of his people, Victoire is Nkrumah in his demand of unity…” Benedicte Kumbi Ndjoko.

History today, the one which is not written, would like us to endorse, or acclaim injustices and lies incarnated in people like Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni or Joseph Kabila, and their Western masters Bill Clinton before yesterday, and Barack Obama yesterday. That history would want us to leave our heroes buried in hidden corners of memories and replaced only by terror, the one which makes men submissive, sometimes cowards when it does not engender executioners. Thus, what is cynically proposed to us is the darkness, the banality of triumphant evil. Yet, there are stars which, through their shimmering, timid glitter, allow us to perceive through chiaroscuro, a world of possibilities. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza is one of those such stars. Continue reading