Kigali incapacitates mentally Dr Leopold Munyakazi by poisoning

dr-munyakaziIn its policy of killing and destroying all resistance from hutus against its regime, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) of president Paul Kagame, with the help of its american friends, recently managed to get Dr Leopold Munyakazi deported from US. His crime is that he has been critical of the regime in place in Kigali in many of his public appearances. He contests the official narrative of the Rwandan tragedy as told by officials in Rwanda.

Ann Garrison, investigative radio journalist based in California (US), explains who the deportee is and the motives:

“Dr. Munyakazi is a linguist, scholar, and former French professor at Goucher College, who was arrested after giving several lectures at northeastern campuses in which he challenged the Rwandan government’s official, legally enforced description of the Rwandan massacres of the 1990s as “genocide against the Tutsi.” The U.S. government and the Clinton dynasty are both deeply committed to the same description, which has become a cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy.”

After his arrival in Rwanda, many people feared that he would be tortured for his convictions/ ideas. Effectively, a source in Kigali confirmed such apprehensions in the following paragraphs:

“Moments ago, I came from the Kigali Maximum Security Prison commonly known as 1930 where one of the prison guards approached me and told me to do whatever is possible to make the world become aware of the critical mental conditions of Dr. Leopold Munyakazi.

The prison guard continued stating that “according to the information provided to him by one of the DMI (Directorate of Military Intelligence) operatives who does not condone the RPF cruelty but feels helpless, Dr. Leopold Munyakazi has received a poisonous injection that destroys the human brain and affects intellectual capacity. Such a decision came about when the Rwandan officials realized that it would be challenging to prosecute Dr. Munyakazi while in his full intellectual capacity, especially when the mass media, the press and foreigners would be following his trial proceedings.

In fact, this is happening after Dr. Leon Mugesera (who was deported from Canada to Rwanda) challenged the Rwandan judiciary. Since then, the Rwandan officials have learned a lesson that they would no longer allow such a situation to happen again. This is why they injected Dr. Leopold Munyakazi with drugs that are commonly used in torture chambers to interfere with the reasoning capacity of the defendant.

It is that reason that prompted the DMI agents to do whatever they could to prevent a second mistake from happening with regard to Dr. Munyakazi’s case.

This prison guard, who insisted to remain anonymous for security reasons, confirmed to me that Dr. Munyakazi’s mind has definitely been deranged due to these injections.

In fact, he now spends days dancing like anyone who is mentally ill but the prison authorities have been stating that Dr. Munyakazi has been traumatized by his deportation from US to Rwanda.

However, the truth is that anyone who saw Dr. Munyakazi during his first appearance to the court before receiving such poisonous injections can confirm that he was indeed in good mental state.

Upon hearing such bad news about Dr. Munyakazi, I tried to find out if the news was true or not. I approached with one of the prisoners in 1930 prison who was heading to the prison cafeteria to buy food for his inmate friend. The prison cafeteria is owned by a rich businessman who is commonly known as Nyirangarama. I asked that prisoner the following question: “It is being rumored that Dr. Leopold Munyakazi, the prisoner who was recently extradited to Rwanda from the US, is not doing well. Do you know anything about that?”

The man confirmed the bad news. “It is true”, he said. “We’re all in shock because his behavior has suddenly changed. He is acting like a deranged man. It is being rumored that the origin of such insanity are the injections that Dr. Munyakazi received at the hands of DMI agents”. He stressed that upon his arrival to Rwanda, Dr. Munyakazi was safe and sound, a man full of humor and passion, a man anyone could tell from his conversations that he really is intellectual.

Because that prisoner was in a hurry, he said: “Please let me go buy food for my friend. The least I may say is that the RPF-Inkotanyi are unbeatable evildoers. Within a few hours they can destroy one’s brain and make him/her become completely psychotic. They are evil!”

I also hurried up to leave because I was worried that someone may suspect the reason why I was inside the prison. I rushed out, then once at the prison gate, the prison guard I mentioned above added: “It’s never too late to save someone. If it is possible, please alert Dr. Munyakazi’s family and ask his lawyer to visit him and request urgent mental treatment on his behalf.”

Although there is a great probability that his situation may get even worse within Rwandan hospitals!

That’s the worrisome situation in Rwanda.”

Dr Leopold Munyakazi is not an isolated case. It is not the last one as long as RPF will still be in power in the country of the thousand hills. Every Rwandan family has lost one or several of its members to the regime’s oppressive modus operandi to silence the population. Rwandans have seen hundreds of thousands over more than two decades disappear through the practices of the system ruling the country.

The sad reality is that, despite them knowing what is happening on the ground in terms of excessive abuse of human rights for so many years, Rwandan external partners, mainly US and UK, are reluctant to change their support to president Kagame. In fact, by doing almost nothing to alleviate the suffering, they gain more in geopolitical strategy than caring for the lives of Rwandans that he disposes off as he likes.

However, New York Times warns Kagame’s western friends. The paper writes, “…ignore them (abuses of human rights) simply because they play out largely out of sight does nothing for the liberties of Rwanda’s citizens or the health of its politics.” The writer must’ve forgotten that the Rwandan president’s friends have shown time and again that they hadn’t any human values to defend in the case of Rwandans. None at all, I am afraid, if one considers their attitude. Only their geopolitical, economic or cultural interests matter.

Unless Rwandan people take care of themselves, they cannot count on anybody else to end their misery which started on October 1st, 1990 with the invasion of their country by Uganda using its tutsis exiled contingents. The explanation/ or justification of that attack from the perspective of attackers and commissioners would be part of another story.


4 responses to “Kigali incapacitates mentally Dr Leopold Munyakazi by poisoning

  1. Hi there, I’ve studied poisons only a little. Yet I have to say I don’t know of one that would have this affect. Does anyone know of a poison–presumably one made from plants indegenous to Central Africa–that cause prolonged mental incapacity?


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  3. it may be too late for poor Dr. Leopold, but I wonder….what if the Trump administration is notified of what happened here…Perhaps Trump could do something to save him.


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