Unmasking the myth of a peaceful (stable) Rwanda: Rwanda is not safe even for Kagame.

Kagame in bulletproof coat in Rwanda

Rwandan president Paul Kagame is nowdays obliged to wear a bulletproof vest while visiting his constituency inside Rwanda. The picture was taken on Thursday 28/04/16 during a visit in the Eastern Province of Rwanda.

By Dr. Charles Kambanda

In what some people thought was a slip-of-the tongue , three weeks ago, Kagame said that ” I wish Rwanda could be invaded and I show you. I am dying of anxiety from waiting in vain for war”. Two day later, a police station was attacked by rebels; about 18 police and Kagame security personnel were killed in the battle that lasted for three hours. A police truck was set ablaze. A day later, the Rwandan police announced that they were in control of the situation after the attack.

Two days ago, Kagame visited Ngoma District in a rare “shape”, visibly in a bulletproof vest. Who attacked Kagame’s Police Station and sustained a three hour battle yet Kagame’s army is on high alert, going by Kagame’s words? Were the rebels that attacked Kagame’s police station the ” attackers” Kagame was anxiously waiting for a fight? Why did Kagame police lose so many people and a truck in a fight Kagame was prepared for? Why does Kagame need a bulletproof vest during his visit to the people we are told love Kagame so much that they would commit suicide if he did not become their life president? Does Kagame need a bulletproof vest if Rwanda is as peaceful as Kagame propaganda has it? Do all Kagame assassins that terrorize Rwandans have bulletproof vests for their protection?

Kagame’s choice to terrorize Rwandans and his plan to become president for life have made a civil war the only option for Rwandans. Kagame’s western sponsors had better know that Rwandans will, certainly, do the needful. Oh, goodness, did I miss something? I did not see a bullet proof vest over Kagame’s head. I hope Kagame’s head is safe. Mr. President, is your head OK?



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