Protest against president again features nearly all-white upper-middle class displays of racism, desire to protect status and putting ‘have nots’ back in their place

Black Women of Brazil

salvador - 16 MARÇO, 2015

Note from BW of Brazil: Once again, another protest and once again Brazil shows how divided it is really is along lines of race and class. Just for the sake of context, if you haven’t already heard from your favorite mainstream news source, millions of Brazilians took to the streets on Sunday in another display of self-serving outrage involving the severe economic crisis that has gripped the country for the past year, corruption charges dealing with the so-called ‘Lava Jato’ scandal and calls for the end of 14 years of the PT (Workers’ Party) rule. But was this all that was at play or were there some other issues that people won’t openly admit? 

Sometimes it’s very revealing to just sit back and analyze the photos that come out of such displays even without the captions. Take the photo below for example. It encapsulates perfectly what many people feel…

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One response to “Protest against president again features nearly all-white upper-middle class displays of racism, desire to protect status and putting ‘have nots’ back in their place

  1. It’s no coincidence the one common thread in all the successes of the Africans in the Western Hemisphere (Haiti, the Maroons, the Palmares) in their physical struggles against the Europeans (Dutch, Spanish, French and British) was the fact they relied upon their African spiritual traditions to sustain them. They called upon and utilized the forces, frequencies and energies they knew. They won despite the Europeans having weapons of mass destruction and a psychopathic drive to dominate and destroy them! This is why the Europeans want us to reject everything African and vibrate to an alien European frequency.
    There is much good in the Holy Books of the Jews, Christians, Muslims, etc.The fact that Black people could find Spiritual comfort in those alien scriptures speaks both to the African contributions to those religions and the intensity of the African Spiritual quest. With all due regard to the Black tradition within the so-called great religions, the late Dr. J. H. Carruthers said “It’s now time to return to the source.” “The Husia” is a compilation of some of the oldest sacred text in the world, a text that reveals the earliest written record of the dawning of humanity’s structured consciousness concerning spirituality and ethics. (Get a copy from online stores) Here we find, for the first time in human history, the concept of Maat, humans in the image of God. human dignity, judgment after death, free will, immortality of the soul, human equality, and justice.


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