Thursday 30th October 2014, an important day for a new Africa

All Africans from countries whose leaders are seeking third terms, even after having spent more than 20 years in power, have to understand that what Burkinabe achieved by removing their dictator, is also achievable anywhere on the continent.


But what kind of Africa are we talking about exactly? An Africa, where elected leaders govern their countries for the duration of their mandate and then retire peacefully at the end of their term. An Africa of good governance, where those elected do not focus their time and energy on maintaining power, but rather on working for the prosperity of their people. The kind of Africa that so many are yearning for today, because the political stability of the continent is an essential condition for its economic development.

The 30th October 2014- an important day

For several weeks now observers and analysts have been discussing upcoming elections, in particular in those countries where the presidents are nearing the end of their final term in office, but where it is becoming clear that they will try to maintain power. These countries are: Burkina Faso (2015), Burundi (2015), Congo (2016), DRC…

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