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They removed Adolf Hitler from power but are keeping Joseph Kabila, Joweri Museveni and Paul Kagame

Dr Denis Mukwege

Dr Denis Mukwege

One and only one reason can explain that double standard: US, UK and other EU countries are racist in their relations with Africa.

The heading of this post is extracted from elements of the content of the following article written by AfricanGreatLakes4Peace.

Panzi Hospital and Dr. Denis Mukwege: Targets of ‘Le Petit Rwandais’ Joseph Kabila

In a blatant violation of the Congolese Constitution and of the rules and regulations governing the DRC health care system, Congolese President Joseph Kabila ordered the seizing of the bank account of Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, the hospital founded and run by Dr. Denis Mukwege. This Joseph Kabila, who is called by foreign diplomats in Kinshasa le petit rwandais (the little Rwandan), according to a French official, is persecuting Panzi and Dr. Mukwege in a way that no legitimate president of the citizens of a country should. Continue reading