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Attacking and finishing FDLR: underlying objective and resistance

By Darius Sunray Murinzi

We are Africans. We are not Charlie.

Picture of Ba Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General, by Don't Be Blind This Time

Picture of Ba Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General, by Don’t Be Blind This Time

In Rwandan political parlance FDLR means Hutu [at some extent, it means simply Africans, because when the Rwandan president kills instinctively Tutsi and Hutu as documented by BBC TWO Rwanda Untold Story, he does not care about the identity of his victims – editor’s emphasis]. Anyone who disagrees with the Tutsi dominated RPF government is immediately accused of being FDLR. Some media outlets, even some famous individuals who support the RPF tend to imply in their speeches, that the word Hutu means killer.

Hutu refugees have been killed in Congo from 1996 up to now. Continue reading