War is rape and rape is war

Rising Continent

Countries are raped by war. Their humanity is taken away by warmongers, including those who hide behind local warlords but pay them for their crimes and related benefits. Tackling the raping warmongers should be the major issue, and not their agents who attack and rape defenseless women, girls, men and boys.

War and rape have in common the fact that they both involve the concept or characteristic of attack. They irrevocably damage the private humanity of individuals and destroy the way of life of entire nations. One cannot try to eradicate rape in war conflicts without trying to eradicate war altogether. Doing only the former and leaving out the latter is a form of hypocrisy or foolishness aimed at cheating the general public about one’s supposedly humanitarian intentions of caring for the victims of sexual violence during armed conflicts.

Unfortunately that is the hidden agenda of the London’s global summit…

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