Another lesson from Burkina Faso

Thomas Sankara, the charismatic and pan-Africanist Burkinabe leader.

Thomas Sankara, the charismatic and pan-Africanist Burkinabe leader.

No member of the twenty five men-team strong of the agreed government of transition will participate to the next elections, this as reported by the Voice of America.

The news is one of the positive outcomes of the negotiations between all Burkinabe forces of change which ousted president Blaise Compaore on 31 October 2014.

The same source explains that the lieutenant colonel Isaac Zida has accepted on Wednesday 12 November 2014 that the leader of the interim parliament of National Council for the Transition will be a civilian and elected by his peers.

All along the discussions between parties involved including the army, the military had shown strong interest in leading the interim parliament. Though they conceded on that position, they are staying among the leadership of the National Council for the Transition.

The project of the charter of the Burkinabe transition indicates that there will also be a civilian president who will nominate a prime minister to form a transition government.

The charter highlights also that there will be a truth and reconciliation commission to look into economic crimes and other atrocities committed under the ousted regime of Blaise Compaore. A structure for national reconciliation and reforms is also planned under the fundamental document that will lead the transition.

Changes are being shaped into the new political Burkinabe landscape. The question that one could ask is how far can they translate the spirit of those who gave everything including their lives to make the revolution happen? Isn’t being hijacked by the elite and the military who circumstances made them to be in the right place at the right time?

Could there be an instance under ongoing changes that could along all the planned reforms make those who are becoming the main actors, them too accountable to the real spirit that made the revolution possible? If this could be achieved, Thomas Sankara would be happy where he is.


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