Alibaba Group goes public on Thursday September 18th, 2014

This means that the Hong-Kong based company which is today valued at 163 billions $ will start trading its stocks or shares on the stock market from Thursday September 18th.

Reuters reports that “Hundreds of hedge funds, mutual funds and other institutional investors lined up on Monday to hear Alibaba Group Holding Ltd’s (IPO-BABA.N) management pitch the company’s shares, as the Chinese e-commerce giant kicked off a two-week IPO marketing blitz.

What does this mean for AFRICAN middle class and others based on the continent with wealth to invest in a technology company like Alibaba? It means not only to be able to benefit from any financial return it generates, but also to have a foot in the technological sector and be able to gain knowledge that could empower the continent for a better image in the world.

It will be in New York where the IPO roadshow will kick off. Those who can invest, please get in touch with your banker and ask them how to buy Alibaba stocks on time before the marketing launch of its shares.

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