To the victims

poetry publicationWhat is the purpose of a memorial? In lay terms, it is to remember. Let’s take the following path and ask this other related question: how many victims are out there without memorials? Plenty. Perhaps millions. Below is a poem which was inspired by the story of a Jewish memorial which in 1996 was being built in Washington DC. It is part of a collection written over several years.

Another fervent advocate of capitalism
He was talking in the 1996 edition
About the victims of communism
Confirmed I was at first reading

Memorial dedication in Washington DC
For victims of Marx and Lenin disciples
They had ruled and overruled
Seen as victims of the Communist order

In places like Russia, Cuba, China, Ethiopia
Under Stalin, Castro, Mao and Mengistu
But no memorial for other victims
Fallen under continuing Capitalism reign

All victims of the Human nature
Crippled once, a lifetime, for generations
Kneeling at the cruelty of the fittest
Oppressed for lack of muscles to resist

Thinking about all these victims
No need of memorials
Humans are humans/ animals
No need of being hypocrites

Being more human and less animal
That should be the real memorial
Seeing ourselves in others
As victims of our orders

Please read here the full collection: To the victims.
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