Friends of Victoire

Victoire Ingabire in court 26 9 11Friends of Victoire – Join us at Heaton Park [Manchester] on 28 June 2014

Victoire Ingabire, the Rwandan politician woman who, back in 2010, tried to enter a presidential competition with Paul Kagame, has been in prison since. Last December, the Rwandan president ordered his courts to sentence her to a minimum 15 years in jail.

Friends of Victoire is a global organization set up early 2014 in the United Kingdom to advocate for her release  and that of other thousands of political prisoners kept in Rwandan prisons.

Without the support of external voices to put pressure on Kagame for the release of these prisoners, they might die without recovering their freedom. Mandela spent 27 years behind bars. If it was not for the global campaign advocating for his case, he might have experienced a different fate.

Further information for the planned event of June 28, 2014 at


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