Dying in the Great Lakes / Morir en los Grandes Lagos

It was on Saturday May 10th, 2014 in Madrid [Spain].

On that day, a person looking at our event asked me: “How do you think your action can make a difference or have some impact?

I was hit quite unprepared but I replied “It is not the scale of what you see here that will effectively make a difference but our determination to have an impact on issues we are campaigning about.”

The other day a friend Nigerian reminded me that the meeting that Nkwame Nkrumah and his colleagues of the first hour of the pan-africanism movement held in Manchester in 1945 was organized in an ordinary room, not a conference hall. But the outcome of that event set off the period for African independence some years later.

What we believe in and our determination to fulfill our dreams are the only important factors in living courageous and fulfilled lives.

Most of the time, we navigate in our small villages all the time without looking beyond. Despite their confined and physical boundaries, if we cannot see those spaces we live in as limitless, where the capacity of our imagination is the only limiting factor for our fulfillment as human beings, we are doomed.

To change the world for the better – because there have been many, and still are, who have walked that path, but for the worse intentions -, we need to live courageous lives. And believe me, they are the only ones worth living.


What is your opinion about this?

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