Hutu [Bantu] genocide, which is never ending

When Museveni took power in 1986 in Uganda, many believed he did it for the good of Ugandans. But they were wrong. Before even that year, still in the bush fighting to gain power, he had in the Triangle of Luwero demonstrated to Baganda people that he was ready to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of them and put blame on the then Ugandan government and therefore tarnish its image. This was obviously part of his political strategy to get into the president office. Once in power northerners Acholi were the ones to pay the heaviest price with more than one million victims, particularly who died in concentration camps types.

Tutsi refugees of whom were Kagame, Rwigema and many others were instrumental in his rise into power. He repaid them back by supporting them invade and take power in Rwanda. Violence and warfare they used in Uganda, they replicated them in Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Even the skulls and bodies of their victims, these were part of their trademark they carried everywhere they passed. They killed Hutu, Tutsi or Congolese all along their military campaigns, this as long as it served their interests.

Millions of Bantu [Hutu from Rwanda, Congolese from different ethnic groups], hundred of thousands of Tutsi from Rwanda have died. This for the ultimate objective of accessing Congolese minerals and establishing a Tutsi power in Rwanda with strong political influence in Eastern Congo.

With the defeat of the rebel movement M23 sponsored by Kagame, the president of Rwanda is preparing a military front in neighboring Burundi, which as governed by a Hutu government, constitutes an appropriate target for Museveni/Kagame Tutsi/Hima empire.

In the video the narrator seems to end saying that, considered what has been happening to them for the last 24 years, Hutu needed to stand up for their rights. However, analyzing what Museveni of Uganda pointed out in his speech of April 7th in Kigali, it is not Hutu only who are their target, but all Bantu of the region, including Congolese.

If Eastern Congo needs to become Tutsi as this was hinted to Victoire Ingabire by American sources, this before her arrest by Kagame in October 2010, it is not only Hutu from Rwanda that must be completely defeated, but also Bantu Congolese. And I have a certain degree of certainty that such Congolese defeat might be facilitated by Tutsi infiltration in many Congolese institutions, as Kagame claimed once saying that if he wanted to influence Congolese affairs, he had some important connections.


What is your opinion about this?

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