Congolese Diaspora mobilize against inhumane expulsion of compatriots from Congo Brazzaville

It was Wednesday 30/04/14 in Brussels and Paris in front of embassies of Congo Brazzaville in Belgium and France. A number of Congolese protested. A memo was also handed to embassy’s officers. As one of the protesters puts in the clip, for particular reasons, any country could decide to expel foreigners on its territory. What Congolese diaspora is opposed against about ongoing expulsions is the conditions in which Congolese from DRC are being sent back home. There have been many cases of dispossession of property, killings, rape, and overall violence.

That Congolese from the diaspora stand up for the inhumane treatment of compatriots in a different country, it is something very commendable that other Africans should learn from them. Such spirit of solidarity could contribute to valuing more African lives wherever they are. Last year I was stunned by the positive reaction of Indian authorities when Congolese students had been seriously harassed by Indian police following a fight between Indian thugs and the group. When the Congolese Diaspora stood up and started campaigning even for boycotting Indian products globally [], they were taken more seriously, because they could defend lives of their people. Bravo Congolese Diaspora.


What is your opinion about this?

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