Uncovering the truth hidden by the official narrative of the Rwandan genocide

DontBeBlindThisTimeLondonLes faits sont tetus,” dixit recently Rwandan president Paul Kagame. Effectively they are. They are stubborn. No one can bury truth indefinitely. The Rwandan president is in recent times experiencing that harsh reality of life in his mafia like world.

Rwandans died in 1994 targeted because of who they were. Initially Hutus were victims, this from October 1990, when the Rwandan Patriotic Front progressed gradually and conquered territories inside the country. Then it was the turn of Tutsis after the assassination of Juvenal Habyarimana on April 6th 2010 until July three months later. However Hutus’ Calvary that had also started with the civil war did not come to an end immediately. Even today they continue being victims, disappearing, being killed or imprisoned. Hundred thousands are trapped and tracked in Congolese forests. More than 6 million of Congolese perished.

Nobody denies the genocide against Tutsis. Not acknowledging the wrong done to the millions of Hutu by today victorious Tutsi RPF and the international community is the main critical issue. Such acknowledgement does not remove any part of the reality of the former’s suffering. What however this does is postponing the true reconciliation of all victim communities. Paul Kagame and the international community appear presently equally responsible of the lack of social and political stability among Rwandans, and even between Rwanda and DRC.

The clip video recently published on Youtube by Julien Tel and Paul-Eric Blanrue highlights all these aspects that the Rwandan victors and their sponsors have deliberately covered up. The clip is receiving more than 300 viewers every hour since it went out on April 17th, this to show how the general public is fed up with the continuous lies which have so far surrounded the Rwandan genocide. People are hungry to know the truth concerning the facts that characterized that period of the Rwandan history. As we know, Paul Kagame has used that tragedy to develop and sustain his power over Rwandans and to have a blank cheque to plunder DRC and decimate Congolese in the process.

The Rwandan president has always maintained that all the killing that occurred in Rwanda has been the responsibility of Interahamwe – Hutu militias. However numerous testimonies from RPF insiders have proven significant responsibilities of Paul Kagame and his soldiers over the killing of millions of innocent civilians either inside Rwanda or in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

If Paul Kagame was proven to be responsible of shooting down the plane which was carrying President Juvenal Habyarimana [and those who still doubt that fact are declining by the day – editor emphasis], the story of the Rwandan genocide must be re-written,” dixit former Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda [ICTR]. That process has already started.

As part of that exercise of uncovering truth, the general public living in Spain particularly in Madrid is invited to the event Dying in the Great Lakes which will be organized to get acknowledgment of the Congolese genocide, the killing of Hutu refugees in DRC which would be referred to as acts of genocide in front of a court, the massacres of Burundians and Ugandans by the coalition of Tutsi/Hima of the Great Lakes region. The event will be held on May 10th, 2014, from 11.30am to 14.30pm.


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