Kagame didn’t end it; he started it.

Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa and Paul Kagame

Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa and Paul Kagame

Please stop saying “Paul Kagame ended a genocide in which mostly Tutsis (and a few moderate Hutus) were killed”!

• He did not come riding in to stop killing in 1994; he was already in Kigali since November 93 with his 600 men battalion and between 3000 to 6000 infiltrated agents across the country.

• His gang invaded Rwanda in 1990 (yes, 1990, 4 years before) to begin the genocide. They started referring to the genocide of Tutsi in 1992 with the help of international NGOs. The deceased Alice Des Forces was part of the team.

• He orchestrated and accomplished much of the killing (including killing of Tutsis by Hutus and by his own men).

• The [overwhelming] evidence suggests more Hutus than Tutsis were killed.

• And that was from 1990 until the end of 1994.

• He continued beyond this, in Rwanda and in Congo where more than 6 million lives have been decimated.

Did the UN and others “fail” to act? This is another question that people should phrase differently, because not intervening was US, UK and other profiteers’ best strategy to achieve what they did today: getting Congolese minerals at the cheap.

Kagame threatened to kill UN officials or others who stood in his way to the conquest of Kigali, his long-planned base for stealing Congo’s resources.

Google “Ann Garrison” or “Taylor report”, Robin Philpot or “Gersony report” or Davenport and Stam or “Mapping exercise”, UN or “Peter Erlinder” or “Keith Harmon Snow,” etc.

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