African ingenuity in action

“Mutu arespecte Congo aza te,” says Paul Kagame in the clip. If my translation is correct that means – there is nobody who respects DRC. That’s what Pretre Shrek Ndundu, producer of the clip video makes say the Rwandan president about the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I don’t understand Lingala but I am actively involved in the politics of the Great Lakes region; and for that reason I can easily guess what is being referred to listening to the two interlocutors talking.

It appears from the interview that Pretre Shreck Ndundu is having with Kagame that the president of Rwanda is seen as a chief of an orchestra who is giving to each musician in the group which part to play and how. And the music which is being played is the politics of the Great Lakes region where DRC is a big stage where many actors come to play with some coming without invitation. They don’t have any respect for the stage. They can get on it whenever they like. Because those who are in charge are busy dancing, or all the time distracted.

I have watched many video clips of Pretre Shreck Ndundu. He is a genius in what he has been doing. Maybe if he could get his work translated in other languages than Lingala, such as French or English – with his actors speaking these two languages-, his work could get a much broader audience.


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