DRC: We are all responsible. We should feel revolted and do something.

The next time you receive or make a call on your mobile, think about the materials involved in the fabrication of your device. Coltan is one of them and 60% of its world reserves are in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This fact explains part of what is going in that country in terms of insecurity. Today Wednesday 15/01/14 leaders of the countries members of ICGLR are meeting in Luanda – Angola. One of the points on their agenda is the question of security in Eastern Congo.

We know that since October of last year the rebel group M23 backed by Rwanda and Uganda has been officially defeated by FARDC with the support of the International Brigade of Intervention attached to the MONUSCO peacekeeping mission.

This week too the chief of the UN mission in DRC, Martin Kobler, announced that he had evidence showing that remnants of M23 in the said two countries where they are presently have been recruiting new elements, probably for their next attack on Eastern Congo.

The scenario we see today has played for far too long. The death toll of the conflict is estimated between 6 and 8 million or even more. Almost 10% of the Congolese population. I wonder why that sole statistic does not make the world take responsibility and do something effective. However, if people want different outcomes, something radically different needs to be tried.

Because of the strategic minerals DRC has, MONUSCO, as one of the major stakeholders to the more than two decades conflict in the region, appears as responsible of the ongoing insecurity as the militias killing civilians and raping Congolese women.

One of the radical attempts of solution to the crisis is to analyse all avenues to get MONUSCO out of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The history of UN peacekeeping missions tells us that since the inception of that UN structure, rare has been its successes. It has almost been rather part of the problem than the solution.


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