Rwandan National Congress: The Last Call

Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa and Paul Kagame

Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa and Paul Kagame

From the history books about Rwanda there is nowhere to be found any account of criminality of similar magnitude and cruelty as under the reign of the Tutsi dominated regime of the Rwandan Patriotic Front led by Paul Kagame. Today, the Rwandan president has sufficiently proved the nature of his character to whoever would be still doubtful about his criminal credentials.

When the time comes, it will regrettably be a Hercules task to unveil the extent of his crimes for the millions of Rwandans and Congolese unsung heroes that he has decimated in his long psychopathic political and military venture. Let’s not forget the hundreds of thousands of Ugandans who fell under his early years of criminal practice as intelligence officer of Museveni’s NRM.

As news stand today, the assassination of the former Rwandan chief spy Colonel Patrick Karegeya and one of the founders of the Rwandan National Council in a South African hotel features among the top stories. This crime adds to a long list of other past assassinations credited with the Rwandan government of Paul Kagame.

In 2010, when Karegeya’s comrade, Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa escaped the first attempt of assassination from the same master-minder, I wrote on my blog an open letter on his intention saying among other things this:

Contrary to your killer’s wish, most Rwandans would like to see you alive than dead. You shared criminal responsibilities with Kagame, your today’s declared enemy, this according to Spanish and French judges, and of course thousands of Rwandans that your military expeditions have made orphans, widows, destitute, and refugees. Your death doesn’t serve Rwandans but Kagame’s only interests, because with it he can close one of the windows of possible reconciliation between them.”

It is said of Kagame that he believes that “Only the dead don’t talk.” That would be the reason he has been after all the high rank officials or of any other category that his system of security assesses to be a threat for the present and future survival of the regime.

Abdul Joshua Ruzibiza has been among the rare Rwandan Patriotic Front insiders who meticulously revealed some of the critical information on how the RPF oppressive structure/machine has operated in the past and continues to organise to achieve its total domination of the Rwandan political scene. In 2010, he was unfortunately assassinated in Norway where he had found refuge after publishing his book – Rwanda: La Guerre Secrete, an incomparable testimony on the RPF’s modus operandi.

After the assassination of Colonel Patrick Karegeya, there are many concerned voices calling on the high ranks’ RPF officials who defected for different reasons to reveal what they know about the criminal RPF system, instead of continuing playing politics. Among these defectors are the surviving founding members of the Rwandan National Council, namely Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa, Gerard Gahima and Theogene Rudasingwa.

These individuals know inside out the working of the RPF system for having been among its founding pillars, helped it taking roots in Rwanda after 1994, and officially participated in its numerous crimes in different capacities.

As Abdul Joshua Ruzibiza came out and loud to denounce the monster he had helped create, this without considering any political or other gain than to help Rwandans know the whole truth he had witnessed de visu,  top members of RNC too should come out unreservedly without any calculation and do the same.

The French historian Bernard Lugan, in the same line of thoughts, is requesting that Jugde Trévidic who is currently in charge of investigating the death of former Rwandan president Juvenal Habyarimana speeds up her inquiry and listen to important witnesses to the assassination. Among these are the surviving leaders of RNC. The historian pursues saying that the reluctance to hear them would implicitly explain a certain cover up of Paul Kagame’s crimes from interested parties.

Bosco Mutarambirwa, a Rwandan activist living in the United States thinks the same and writes on his facebook page that:

“…The trio’s [above mentioned surviving founding members of RNC] revelations are likely to have a bigger impact than Lt. Abdul Ruzibiza’s, mainly because they were high ranking insiders within RPF; as opposed to Ruzibiza who was essentially a lower ranking outsider (a young Tutsi who had briefly lived in Burundi), who coincidently happened to have access to certain top secrets (the like of Manning or Snowden in the US). … The trio has to swallow their pride and commit to personal sacrifices so they can help the much needed healing process of the Rwandan community.”

If one day Rwandans have to come together and publicly forgive those among the RPF system who committed horrendous crimes including genocide against Hutu, there is no doubt that Lt. Abdul Joshua Ruzibiza will be among the top list. Would the trio Gahima, Rudasingwa and Nyamwasa acknowledge publicly that they were part of the genocide against Hutu alongside Kagame who is pursuing it at this very day?

If they humble themselves, look at the true picture of what they were actively involved in killing and oppressing other Rwandans, cease to pursue politics, as did Ruzibiza, they can.

And if for any particular reason they had to die after that acknowledgement with significant revelations to the Rwandan public – not to the Judges [this being in fact a pretext for concealing the truth], they could become true heroes among Rwandans. They will have tremendously helped them to see a viable possibility of living together harmoniously.

This is a last call to RNC leadership whose answer I guess many compatriots would like to hear. An important precision though: acknowledging the genocide against Hutus of which evidence is rife [re: Mapping report as one of many] does not take away anything from the genocide against Tutsis. It is however a problem for those among Tutsis who think that the two people are not equal human beings.


What is your opinion about this?

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