Mandela dies. What about the 8 million of Congolese, Rwandans, Ugandans and Burundians?

Don't Be Blind This Time

Don’t Be Blind This Time

They died in wars engineered by US, Britain and Israel mainly in the Great Lakes region with Joweri Museveni of Uganda and Paul Kagame of Rwanda as their grounds’ commanding officers. Can these victims be too mourned? You can do that by signing the petition which can be found at this link. By doing so, you can make their death officially acknowledged and the murders possibly taken before a court of justice.


Nelson Mandela

2070 signatures have so far been gathered. Don’t Be Blind This Time. 53 heads of state are attending the state funerals of Mandela in South Africa. Among them are those who continue actively participating in the slaughter of Africans because of their selfish interests.

More signatures are needed.

Please find below what some of the recent signatories of the petition say about the reason of their signing:

Jerome Felce

It is a tragedy what is happening in Congo. It is inacceptable that the world leaders for being silent and let it continue, all this for economic interests.

Chautant Claude

Just because I like Africa and Africans.

Angelina Bocci

I wish that everyone can live in peace.

Straub Charlene

To denounce

Thérèse Obrecht Hodler

I treasure justice and peace

Jasmine Saidy Jönköping

Because the biggest genocide in modern history is taking its place in Congo, with the use of rape as a weapon of warfare, among other things and it’s happening right now! Millions of people have died in Congo but all the media cares about reporting of is instead the Israel-Palestine conflict, which is nowhere near the proportions and death numbers as Congo is. The genocide needs to be acknowledged so that the governments of Africa and the rest of the world can’t close their ears and hearts to what is happening in Congo anymore.

Lori Perezini

I wish peace in these countries.

Jane Khali

For that all African women have dignity.

Rombault Teka

Sanctions against 2 aggressors: Rwanda and Uganda; and A dialogue among Rwandans and a dialogue between all Ugandans.

Alex Mbay

Because it’s an important way out for the future of the Democratic Republic of Congo and end all nonsense conflicts. It’s important because it’s going to put every stakeholder together and look in the same way in giving a sustainable chance to families and peoples who never had peace in their own country, to give chance and reason of living to children who have never stayed in the same place since they came into this world!!!

Gakuba Eugene

Because the world is turning a blind eye against injustice in Congo.

Aryas Houtoukpe

To stop genocide against innocent people

Roberta Edouard 

The video “Don’t be blind” posted on Youtube made me think about the blinding power of the media on what really happen in the world, so I want to stop being blind and silent on the crimes which are silently perpetrated because nobody talks about!!!


What is your opinion about this?

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