Don’t Be Blind This Time in London and Zurich on Saturday 16/11/13 @11:00am

Dying in the Great Lakes: Don't Be Blind This Time

Dying in the Great Lakes: Don’t Be Blind This Time – LONDON

It is only a few days to go. What is particular about the two events to be held in two different European cities and simultaneously on the same day?

It is the spirit of the people behind them.

They are motivated by the sense of valuing the life of each African alive or dead. To give you a bit of background, let me highlight what are the concerns of these people who will be at these events in London and Zurich on Saturday 16/11/13.

They will be holding banners and getting the general public to sign a petition requesting from the UN Secretary General Ba Ki-Moon, African Union, African governments to acknowledge the Congolese genocide, and all other genocides committed in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi whose victims have never been recognized.

Over the last two decades, 8 to 10 million people have died in these countries as a consequence of wars initiated by the leaders of Rwanda and Uganda.

The two events, one in London and another in Zurich will be aimed at:

  • Advocating against the indifference of the West to the suffering of Africans.
  • Making Western governments aware of their responsibilities in the plight of the victims of political and military leaders in the Great Lakes region they support.
  • Raising consciousness among the victims and their supporters to show that change depends on the determination of people.
  • Building international solidarity about the tragedy that millions of Africans in Rwanda, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi experience since the 80s until today.
  • Explaining one sad and revolting picture of the chains of production of electronic devices [iPad, iPhone, mobile, laptop, PlayStation, etc] that the Western world cherishes and cannot live without.
  • Honoring and remembering the millions of people who died in Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo since the Ugandan president Joweri Museveni started his bush war in that country in 1981 and the Rwandan president Paul Kagame invaded Rwanda from Uganda in 1990. 

On Saturday 16/11/13 it will be the first time Don’t Be Blind This Time will be organizing two events simultaneously in two different countries. The London “Dying in the Great Lakes” event is already in its 3rd Edition.

Several other places around the world have expressed their

Don't Be Blind This Time - ZURICH

Don’t Be Blind This Time – ZURICH

intention of holding similar events. The organizers of the London and Zurich events are entirely available to help in any way possible.

If the Hitlers of yesterday were made to account for their genocides and other crimes against humanity, what is stopping the world today, and particularly Africans, to make the Musevenis, Kagames and others alike to account for the genocides they have been committing in the Great Lakes region for so many years?

It is overdue to wake up to the reality of the Congolese genocide, whatever else the beneficiaries call it.

It is overdue to wake up to the reality of the Congolese genocide, and crimes against humanity committed in the region. 

Would it be because of a covered up international racism against the Black race, or the lack of sensibility of Black people towards their fellow men? It could be both. Whatever it might effectively be, let’s those who want to see change, be the change they want to see.


What is your opinion about this?

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