Nita Evele and Rev. Aniedi Okure on DRC peace

On November 6th, the two personalities were guests of presenter Tchaka Ssali of the Voice of Africa in Washington to talk about the prospect of sustainable peace in Eastern Congo after the military defeat of M23.

The critical question of the programme was:

What will it take to restore long-term peace and security in Eastern area of the Democratic Republic of Congo?

My answer is:

Removing from power and eventually taking in front of a court Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and Paul Kagame of Rwanda for their numerous indescribable crimes committed for so many years in the region and especially in the DRC is the only effective solution. What any other alternative will do is to postpone the long overdue peace and security conditions that people of the Great Lakes region have been deprived of by these two leaders.

Evele and Odure and other Africans give their views on the question on the Voice of America that one can access through the following links:

Mohamed Ahmed Mansour, Liberia
Patricia Ndhlovu, Zambia

Okwii, Jacob, Uganda
Mariak Chol Kuot, Uganda

SADC/ICGLR Pretoria meeting

Issue of governance in the Great Lakes region

Mulegwa Zihindula on the recent events of the region


What is your opinion about this?

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