Dying in the Great Lakes: 2nd Edition

Saturday 19/10/13 rally, activists distributing leaflets about the tragedy  of what we have called the Dying in the Great Lakes event.

Saturday 19/10/13 London rally, activists distributing leaflets about the tragedy of what we have called the Dying in the Great Lakes event.

This was on Saturday 19/10/13 at Piccadilly Circus in London.

If we want change it is up to us to make it happen. Nobody else will bring it to us if we don’t commit ourselves to it.

This was the 2nd Edition of Dying in the Great Lakes. The last time was on Saturday 14/09/13 at the same location of Central London.

As a reminder, the concept of Dying in the Great Lakes was initiated by the historian BK Kumbi of Don’t Be Blind This Time. It brings together the citizens from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda and their friends from around the world.

The aim of the event, which is usually staged in public places, is to raise awareness and stop the general indifference, particularly among the rest of the world, about the Great Lakes’ tragedy. More than 8 million lives have already been lost in the last two decades.

BK Kumbi is calling everyone everywhere to get involved.

“…there will be a third, fourth, fifth… [edition] and we will be soon in Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, US, and New Zealand.”

Let's not be blind anymore. 8 million of dead in the Great Lakes region is too far ENOUGH.

Let’s not be blind anymore. 8 million of dead in the Great Lakes region is too far ENOUGH.

Many of the people involved in the initiative are connected in one way or another to the suffering which is still going on in the region. However, if we consider that they are not alone in that tragedy, and they can count on the rest of the humanity to stop it, the human race will have demonstrated its difference from the other beings.

Uninformed observers of the Congolese crisis, which has so far registered the biggest death toll in the region, wonder how all this started. This was in 1981 in Uganda. Yoweri Museveni had just been defeated democratically. He went then to the bush and started using extreme violence and child soldiers to get the power he craved for.

The West which saw how effective he was with his tactics backed him for its own interests in the region. Since taking power in 1986, the marriage of convenience between the two parties is still going strong, but this has been achieved at the expense of millions of African lives in Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Uganda president has worked with his colleague of Rwanda Paul Kagame who served under him and learnt a lot from him. With a network of local and international mafia including Western politicians and businessmen interested in Congolese minerals,  both presidents have ravaged the Great Lakes region.

Surprisingly, on Monday 18/11/13, Joweri Museveni is a guest speaker at the London School of Economics. His invitation can only be understood in the framework of the mentioned mafia. Someone that crimes of genocide committed in DRC hung on the head cannot ideally be invited in such places. However these people are seen in countries and institutions where they should not be normally allowed to be because of the crimes they have committed or still involved in.Piccadilly-circus-rally-highlights-alleged-genocide-in-dr-congo_10 Piccadilly-circus-rally-highlights-alleged-genocide-in-dr-congo_11 Piccadilly-circus-rally-highlights-alleged-genocide-in-dr-congo_12 Piccadilly-circus-rally-highlights-alleged-genocide-in-dr-congo_13 Piccadilly-circus-rally-highlights-alleged-genocide-in-dr-congo_14 Piccadilly-circus-rally-highlights-alleged-genocide-in-dr-congo_15 Piccadilly-circus-rally-highlights-alleged-genocide-in-dr-congo_16 Piccadilly-circus-rally-highlights-alleged-genocide-in-dr-congo_17 Piccadilly-circus-rally-highlights-alleged-genocide-in-dr-congo_18 Piccadilly-circus-rally-highlights-alleged-genocide-in-dr-congo_19 Piccadilly-circus-rally-highlights-alleged-genocide-in-dr-congo_3014621

Piccadilly-circus-rally-highlights-alleged-genocide-in-dr-congo_1 Piccadilly-circus-rally-highlights-alleged-genocide-in-dr-congo_2 Piccadilly-circus-rally-highlights-alleged-genocide-in-dr-congo_3 Piccadilly-circus-rally-highlights-alleged-genocide-in-dr-congo_4 Piccadilly-circus-rally-highlights-alleged-genocide-in-dr-congo_5 Piccadilly-circus-rally-highlights-alleged-genocide-in-dr-congo_6 Piccadilly-circus-rally-highlights-alleged-genocide-in-dr-congo_7 Piccadilly-circus-rally-highlights-alleged-genocide-in-dr-congo_8 Piccadilly-circus-rally-highlights-alleged-genocide-in-dr-congo_9


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