Kagame continues kidnapping Rwandan youth to fight in Congo

When you end up in the military as a result of kidnapping or harassment, and not by personal conviction, it is difficult to be motivated to fight. This explains the ultimate defeat that Kagame will end up with sooner or later.

When you end up in the military as a result of kidnapping or harassment, and not by personal conviction, it is difficult to be motivated to fight. This explains the ultimate defeat that Kagame will end up with sooner or later.

Lie to ME is a TV series which shows how one detects lies and liars. Among the techniques there is the analysis of the tone’s variations of the supposed liar and sometime the use of fake surprises or smiles in liars’ own statements. You are invited to test by yourself in the interview of Paul Kagame on Tuesday October 15th.

Though this reference was necessary, nobody ignores that the Rwandan president Paul Kagame lies as often as he breathes. And his government’s policies and public servants are guided by the same principles in terms of governance and the country’s relations with the rest of the world.

During his monthly meeting with the journalists, on a question about the recent US sanctions against Rwanda for its use of child soldiers, he categorically denied saying that no children were trained as soldiers in Rwanda and that if this was happening across the border in the Democratic Republic of Congo, this issue had to be raised there but not in his country.

However, several sources inside and outside Rwanda continue confirming that Kagame’s security services are kidnapping young people across the country, then sending them in the Kivu provinces on the battle ground. A woman who witnessed such incident and was contacted by the online news outlet Ikaze Iwacu explains:

“Yesterday on Monday October 14th, approximately between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm in Kagugu of the Gisozi area, in Gasabo, young people and adult men were the main target. Policemen were catching all the men they met and put them in buses, after they had taken their mobile phones from them. They handcuffed them immediately.  Police officers in civil uniforms had encircled the entire area of Kagugu then started taking every man, even without looking at their ID cards. Nobody knows where they were taken. Presently many families ignore the whereabouts of their relatives, young and much older men.”

This continued recruitment of young Rwandans to reinforce M23 has been also reported by Martin Köbler, the chief of MONUSCO in Goma in his weekly communications to the press of Wednesday October 9th. He announced that

“M23 rebellion is strengthening and increasing the number of its forces by recruiting from Rwanda.”

The kidnapping of the Rwandan youth for military purpose has been happening all over the country for sometimes. Last year in these same columns, we reported how Kagame and his security forces were forcibly recruiting for M23. And this has been the same pattern for the last 20 years since the Rwandan Patriotic Front took power in Rwanda, where the regime has always been forcing young Rwandans into its military expeditions in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The question that many could ask is who is funding these military training programmes, buying the equipments and so forth. There is an international mafia working with the Rwandan president to get access to Congolese minerals particularly available in the Kivu provinces. Also international aid which should normally go to support and improve the well-being of the population has been diverted into war efforts across the border for many years. What Kigali has been reporting on success stories are only fabricated lies. There might be some great surprises once the truth will be revealed.

Kagame’s accomplices in the kidnapping and training of young Rwandans into war programmes in the Democratic Republic of Congo include these foreign members of his presidential advisory council. Obviously there are equally the famous personalities of former US president Bill Clinton, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, American pastor Rick Warren, and many others who are guided by greed and no humanity for the people of the Great Lakes region despite their official appearances.

For these accomplices I wonder how it would feel like if it was their own children that Kagame kidnapped and put them on the front line in the Kivu provinces alongside M23 to face MONUSCO, international brigade of intervention and FARDC gunfire.

They should be ashamed of contributing to the killing of the Rwandan youth and Congolese civilians because of their greediness.

Keeping denouncing these networks of criminals is one of the few ways out. If you are in London on October 19th, don’t miss the event Dying in the Great Lakes, rightly asking the international community to stop being indifferent to Kagame’s persistent crimes in the region.


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