A 50 year African Development Plan: Want to contribute?

By Nii-Teiko

Africa rail and waterways

Africa rail and waterways

As usual the ever brilliant, Rising Continent blog gives up the goods with this post born out of a Facebook group I’m a part of written by Cecile Johnson, it’s an epic read. It’s straight to the point. It’s worth your time.

What I like about this impassioned essay is that it almost perfectly strikes the right balance between subjective, objective, factual and personal. I haven’t come across a balanced combination in a while.

The piece uses the example of the Foreign Direct Investment of the Marshall Plan (which saved Europe after the Second World War) to provide cursory analysis at the hypocritical, abject lack of similar efforts across Africa.

Then the title is what it’s all about however with an idea of an 8 stage African Development Plan. This plan is not only active with Cecile leaving his contact details at the end (plus see end quote of this piece) but in some ways I’m reminded of the appendix to the famous The Destruction of African Civilization by Chancellor Williams which detailed a theoretical structure of what an actual African (not a European structure maintained and run by Africans) government institution should look like.

It was a bit surprising to see the African Union mentioned here as despite the rhetoric I’m not sure they really stand for the kind of PanAfrican unity and purpose Cecile is alluding to. Apart from that it’s a brave attempt to encompass such a multifarious topic. Critics may balk at the lack of certain hard math or stats but put them to one side… this is well worth your time. Click the hyperlink at the beginning of this if you want more. I’ll end with this:

On your marks, African Brothers and Sisters, are you ready? [ndlr]

We have the minds, we have the bodies, and we must now have the will. I ask that you join me and sign up to be a member of the brain trust. Help fund the creation of the databases, participate in the needs assessment, recruit for the leadership academy, share your ideas for Africa with each other and seek ways to make them come true. We are only as strong as our weakest link, so let us unite and come together and work on an African Development Plan that unites all the minds of our people worldwide.


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