1,098 supporters have already signed the petition

Dying in the great lakes i s“It should be important for everybody.”
Sylvia Preissig-Thurn [Austria]

The signatories want to see the Congolese genocide recognized, but also all other genocides committed but denied in the Great Lakes region, meaning in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo acknowledged. 

The petition was launched by the citizen organization Don’t Be Blind This Time on July 4th, 2013. As the situation in the Kivu provinces evolves presently, one of the main actors in the covered up genocides is at it again fuelling conflict in Eastern Congo through his Rwandan Defense Forces and the militia M23 whose logistics and soldiers are all significantly supplied by the Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

Some of the reasons from people who have signed that petition are explained below.

Mourad Cheleh [France]
Because I am a member of the human race…!

Franco de Taye [Belgium]
Stop war and find peace on earth.

Sylvia Preissig-Thurn [Austria]
It should be important for everybody.

Marie van Campenhout [Belgium]
Because I know the place and I know this is true and so unbearable.

Marcos Marins [Brazil]
It is important to stop genocide against black people everywhere, in Congo and in Brazil.

Cosette Castro, [Brazil]
Because life is important.

Isabelle Richards [UK]
My origins.

Arnaud Songe [UK]
The world can only be said to be in balance when the heart “Kongo” is free from all the blood blocking its arteries.

Sylvain Tshibwabwa [Belgium]
Because people are dying.

Kitima Malingwende Eboal [Belgium]
It’s important to me because I’m a African too.

Rita Leite [France]
Africa is important for me!

Audy B. [France]
As a Congolese, it’s a duty to support my brothers and sisters.

Kabengele Gloria, [France]
It’s a human tragedy!!!

Celine Conte [UK]
We are all humans.

Erica Hollins [USA]
Every life is important to me.

Amma Poku [UK]
Every life matters, the right to life is the first and foremost human right.

Nsukisantu Givestin [France]
I am Congolese.

Likabe Kabangu [Belgium]
I am Congolese and I can’t let them do that to my blood.

Ahmed-Zouhair Moussa [Mayotte]
Africa is my home

Afolabi Mayowa [Nigeria]
Humanity is always important to me.

Rosalinda McCain  [USA]
If you acknowledge that means something needs to be done.

Lumisa Daniel [Canada]
To mobilize all the people that care about lasting peace in Congo to help people of Congo to live peacefully and also ask the international community to bring into judgment all those responsible of all crimes against people and riches of Congo Kinshasa.

Gbikpi Pascal [Guadeloupe]
Because every culture, every people, every human being is a treasure for humanity.

Erickson Sonson [Canada]
After the genocide against Jews the world said never again, so how can the international community can let this happen: 8 million people killed…

Patrick Kinanga [Netherlands]
We know all about this conspiracy made in USA, UK and EU.

Benoit Ndagijimana [Belgium]
Stop impunity and search for fair justice and respect for the human rights in the African Great Lakes Region.

Patrick Conley [USA]
No lives can have value if any life can be devalued.

Onawelo Laetitia [France]
Because that is my country and we shall be concerned by this genocide.

Nicole Haid [Germany]
It is not the question why it is important for me. Because it’s important for ALL of us! The question is, why the UN still close their eyes!

Bafilemba Bienda Fidel [DRC]
DR Congo has lost over 6 million lives of its people in a war fueled by exported hatred from neighboring Rwanda. Time is ripe for responsibilities to be established.

In case you haven’t signed yet, please click here.


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