Focusing on lies as a political strategy is ending Kagame’s regime

Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete

Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete

There is surely nothing quite useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all.” Peter Drucker [management guru and friend of the Rwandan president Paul Kagame]

It took almost 6 centuries to Rwandan Hutus to overcome the policies of lies underpinning their enslavement by the Tutsi political leadership during all that time. This happened in 1959 with a social revolution.

After 1994, when the same old masters regained political power using the same tactics of the past to overrule Hutus, they recreated the old system of oppression and subordination built with modern pillars: genocide, democracy, parliament, gender equality, political parties, Rwandan UN peacekeeping contingent, international judiciary, etc.

When they invaded Rwanda from Uganda, they came claiming they were bringing democracy; their official aim was to end the Rwandan refugee issue and injustices of the masses by the regime they despised.

More than 20 years after the first day of their invasion of the country (October 1st, 1990), Rwanda has never had in the past so many of its citizens scattered around the world fleeing for their safety; it had never had so many politicians, journalists and human rights activists killed imprisoned or exiled.

Once in power after 1994, some of the Rwandan (un)Patriotic Front top strategists, while referring to the longevity of their foregone rule over Hutus, predicted that this time round the system they were putting in place would keep them in political leadership at least for another 200 years. It is important to observe for sometime already serious cracks in their “new” societal construct which might bring down the entire structure.

The major weakness of their system has been that they have engineered it on lies, one after another, so much so that an honest and objective observer cannot find anything in it that stands on trustworthy grounds.

As an interested observer of the Rwandan political scenery I once thought that a doctoral thesis of several volumes could be researched documented and supported by important tangible facts, and demonstrates that the whole RPF edifice from its historical origins and past up to today is built on lies in every imaginable aspects.

They invaded Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo [which country will be next?]; they lied about the reasons. They speak; they lie. They kill; they lie. They rape; they lie. They imprison; they lie. They claim development; they lie. They kill presidents; they lie. They impoverish citizens; they lie. They claim genocide; they obscure or deny other killings.

It is difficult to find any area where they could be guided by integrity or truth. The reality is that when they will accidentally be inspired by the spell of truth, people will not even notice, so much so that they have used them to their lies.

The latest on their long list of lies is that the Tanzanian president Jakawa Kikwete is not Tanzanian but Burundian. They even add that his wife is a cousin of the late Rwandan president Juvenal Habyarimana they assassinated. All this is aimed at destroying politically the Tanzanian president’s image after he suggested that Rwanda should sit together with its enemy – FDLR for peace talks. Effectively, the wisdom behind such suggestion is that after almost 20 years of military confrontation, nothing substantial has been gained among antagonist parties against persistent insecurity for the whole region.

From Uganda where they skilfully started developing their criminal minds [the Luwero triangle in the Buganda area or the Acholi concentration camps where more than a million of Northern Ugandans died should be telling references] to today’s Democratic Republic of Congo situation where they have expertly been practicing devilishly, a trail of more than 8 millions of innocent victims is the lower estimate of their performance.

All that loss equates an incommensurable productive capacity of people that greed of a tiny minority deliberately decided to spare for its selfish egos.

There is surely nothing quite useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all.” Peter Drucker [management guru]

Among such things that the Rwandan (un)Patriotic Front did [or is still doing] but should’ve spared itself from doing are:

  • Killing Habyarimana deliberately and having thoroughly calculated that this would enable them taking power in the middle of chaos first in Rwanda then in the DRC
  • Destroying Hutus’ refugee camps of Eastern Congo and killing hundreds of thousands of them to enter and plunder the country’s mineral resources
  • Tarnishing the Tanzanian president’s image with a view of discrediting his views on regional political and other issues

Deconstructing the basis of the foundation of RPF which is paved with lies is ongoing and successfully demonstrating the weaknesses of its operating systems of oppression and machinery of massive destruction of lives. It is a matter of time not too long that their castle of lies will crumble with them. Unfortunately there might again be undue victims in the process as this was the case when these criminals were building the pillars of their structure of oppression and territorial expansion.


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