KILOMBO 2013 Conference on Africa, Africans and Social Justice

An African woman farmer suffering all the weight of her harvest.

An African woman farmer suffering all the weight of her harvest.

It is taking place from Friday 27/09/2013 to Sunday 29/09/2013 in Peki, Ghana. Are you ready to rethinking and contributing to shaping a better and fairer Africa?

The Kilombo Centre for Citizens’ Rights and Conflict Resolution, Peki, Ghana is organizing the 2nd Kilombo Conference on Africa, Africans and social Justice. The conference is aimed at bringing together a large and representative gathering of Africans and people of African descent to discuss issues bothering on Africa, Africans and social Justice.

Kilombo hopes among other things, to raise a core of dedicated Africans who will be adequately armed through a series of well tailored activities which will awaken and or strengthen their consciousness about the continent of Africa and the need for us all together as African, regardless of location, protect through the building of a truly liberated continent.

From April to July of this year, the organizers of the Kilombo 2013 confirm a significant increase from the last time. They explain that people from all over the world have already confirmed their participation.

Less than six weeks to go to the Kilombo 2013.


It is African development thought and applied locally and globally by all Africans, and people of African descent, from the bottom up, this contrary to the usual way which dictates to the masses what their needs are and does not care much for social justice. Under the prevailing status quo, a tiny and elitist minority owns more than 90% of the nations’ wealth while the masses  survive in the middle of corrupted political and economical systems.

The Kilombo Centre wants to address the deficit of representation of the masses in the process of decision-making on issues that affect their lives and the marginalization of Africa and Africans globally.

Another World Is Possible [AWIP], a radio programme which is managed by a networked team in Ghana, UK and US and broadcasted every Tuesday was established on that basis.

The Kilombo Centre is focused on African self-determination. Neo-liberal policies of development conceived in London, Washington and Paris have for decades since African independence impoverished the masses, dispossessing entire communities of their land [the only valuable asset they had], stealing their mineral resources, destroying physically millions and displacing others, and deciding who their leaders should be according to foreign interests.

The conference is organized at the same time when the Pan African Congress will be holding its well anticipated global meeting in South Africa. [The last Pan-African Congress was organised in Kampala in 1994. Had Joweri Museveni crafted its death?] The two conferences will be linked up and participants in each one will be able to exchange their views through teleconference.

Facilities of communication will also be in place for interested people across Africa and in the Diaspora to take part.

In partnership with the Kilombo Centre, the Ghanaian Street Parliament will organize the first ever Street Parliament in Ghana. The event will be hosted by the conference.

For more information about the Kilombo 2013 conference or the Kilombo Centre, please contact

Explo Nani Kofi
00 233- 241 498 912



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