500+ Supporters of the acknowledgment of the Congolese genocide

It is overdue to wake up to the reality of the Congolese genocide, whatever else the beneficiaries call it.

It is overdue to wake up to the reality of the Congolese genocide, whatever else the beneficiaries call it.

The petition asking the UN Secretary General, African Union, and African governments to acknowledge the ongoing Congolese genocide was launched online on July 4th, 2013. Today it has 500+ names backing it. What has been happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 1996 is nothing else than a genocide because a national group is being decimated whatever the perpetrators and their western accomplices continue calling the humanitarian tragedy in that country. The objective is to gather 10,000 signatures as soon as possible.

People who are signing the petition are giving different reasons for their support. I have selected a few for you to understand why it is important to end the continuing killing of our common humanity.

Alain Kalisa
Because I want this to change.

Audrey Maak
It’s an international issue and a shame for us all if nothing is done.

Simy Franck
… They killed us… They are raping our moms and sisters…

Stevie Daudet Phanzu
Because I am from Congo and can’t let those bastards kill my compatriots and steal our minerals, land… rape my sisters and aunties.

Anne Onidi
My heart is Congolese

Henry Galvez
For international solidarity

André Severine
Because life is important.

Aaron Edmonds
Freedom isn’t free

Leppens Bart
For peace in the world

Julia Mveto
Because I’m African and I’m truly touched and speechless, that no one is trying to change something and make it a better tomorrow for all our families back in the Country!

Cazenave Julie
Horrified by that situation. Must stop.

Alizee Roland
It’s the only important form. I have no explications

Armel Mutore
Against every kind of genocide and crime

Kilumbu Graziella
How can we claim to be free if others people are oppressed in this world? I want to help my people. I have to help my people more than anything! It’s time to stop talking for nothing and start acting for something. We have to break this silence and make change.

Eezechias Baudouin
UN must stop the process of abusing women in Congo Kinshasa

Michael Tunon
Stop this massacre!!!

Cano-Chervel Julie
We have in front of us crimes against humanity committed under an inadmissible indifference. Each one must take their responsibilities.

Ouliana Nikolaeva
It disgusts me to see how people are being killed and tortured for profit of some psychopath monsters…

Kadima Leonard Nkashama
The respect of a Human being is primordial for me.

Fifi Manesa
Because no human being should remain indifferent or neutral in the face of injustice, and realizing that this could happen to me as a Congolese citizen, it therefore becomes imperative for me to take a stand and offer my 100% support for this petition.

Tatiana Giraud
What the people of the Congo are enduring is criminal – they have suffered some of the gravest human rights violations in the history of man!

Yves Buraye
I’ve witnessed the murders, rapes, and killings in the Congo. I decided to break the silence….

Nico Masela
Enough is enough my friend we cannot close our eyes or ears!!!!

Michel Vieillesse
Each man has a right to peace, security and to live in his country.

Toussaint Murhula
Every single human life is valuable. And there is no way one can claim any right if others are denied the same claim

Ingrid Wijnands
Peace is what we need all over the World and all of us!

Pentecôte Maputo
Stop massacre and genocide

Laeticia Bassler
After so many decades of war and plunder, the Congolese people deserve peace.

Deta Cherif
It’s genocide. I said yes but not only genocide but plus aggression of Rwanda and Burundi. 800,000 of Rwandans they called it Genocide. What about more than 8,000,000 of Congolese. It is more than Genocide.

Kiyombo wa Nyembo Bienvenue
Human life is important. Therefore we have to protect it. It’s an absolute and transcendent value.

Jean Dikima
It is important to me because the killings that are happening in the Kivu province are purposely planned and have been happening for more than ten years now and will not stop if there is no justice.

To sign the petition, please click HERE. Please pass it on to your friends too.

Don’t Be Blind This Time which is leading on this petition, in order to continue highlighting the indifference of the international community towards the Congolese genocide, and in collaboration with a number of other organisations of people from the Great Lakes region [Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi], is also planning around early October, to stage in London a living portrait on that tragedy.

The theme of the spectacle is “Dying in the Great Lakes.” The purpose of the initiative is to bring closer to the western public a visual spectacle of what is happening in the heart of Africa that the majority of people is prohibited from knowing by multiple vested interests of many countries and global corporations.

The US president Barack Obama, during his recent visit to Tanzania, recognized that he could not do much for the Congolese people. It is then to the people [Congolese and others concerned in any place of the globe] to demonstrate vigorously that they want the tragedy against our common humanity to end.


What is your opinion about this?

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