UN International Brigade of Intervention for Eastern Congo: Even if it was…

SADC seeking to be included in peace talks on the Democratic Republic of Congo

SADC seeking to be included in the peace talks on the Democratic Republic of Congo convened by the US Secretary of State John Kerry

After Adolf Hitler had caused havoc in Europe invading and occupying other countries, instead of only watching him make his territorial conquests, the rest of the world felt threatened by his ambitions. This explained the reason other countries came together to fight him. Would’ve not been illogical for Nazi Germany to claim that the coalition against it aimed at destabilizing it? Of course, it was aimed at limiting the damages Germans were doing to other nations.

Paul Kagame, after causing the Rwandan genocide which took more than 500,000 lives, and the ongoing Congolese genocide with an already high death toll of almost 8 million people, if not more, it surprises to hear Rwanda complaining at the UN saying that there is a UN force with intentions of destabilizing its territory. They are definitely masters in the game of always playing the victim.

I don’t recall how many years it took to the rest of the world to put together a coalition against Hitler, but it is long due for the UN to come up with a force that would stop for good what the Rwandan president has been doing for so many years in the Great Lakes region. Nearly 23 years have passed since his Rwandan Patriotic Front forces invaded Rwanda from Uganda.

That Kigali tries today to sideline SADC group of countries in peace talks about security in the Democratic Republic of Congo, pretending that the newly established UN international brigade of intervention intends to harm Rwanda; these are the politics of diversion. The contingent of the unit comprises Tanzanians, South Africans and Malawians.

Despite all the damages caused in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda of President Paul Kagame is aimed at pursuing the status quo which enables it to plunder Congolese resources, this since 1996, the year it entered ex-Zaire under the AFDL banner with other looters: Uganda, Burundi and global multinational interested in strategic mineral resources.

Even if the UN brigade of intervention for Eastern Congo was aimed at destabilizing Rwanda, there would be many strong grounds in favour of such move, considered the millions of lives which have been lost both in Rwanda and DRC, and especially in the latter country where evil strategies of decimating populations for generations to come are being applied by Kagame’s funded militias and rebel forces.

Unfortunately, so far, there is no indication to envisage that that brigade intends to go after Kagame and his forces. It does not have the capacity and the mandate. Can this change at some stage in the upcoming future? This is the real question.


What is your opinion about this?

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