The Deluge [End]

On of many Congolese rivers which saw the death of thousands of Hutu refugees.

On of many Congolese rivers which saw the death of thousands of Hutu refugees.

The Deluge is the title of a film  in preparation by the investigative journalist Keith Harmon Snow. It focuses on the myths and realities of genocide in Central Africa. The producer is looking for financial contributions to finalize the project. To make the public understand more the issues at stake in the film, we have decided to publish scripts of short interviews or extracts of speeches of some identifiable people who are shown in the film. In this end note, we have five people: Gedeon Hakizimana, Rwanda and Congo genocide survivor, Charles Taku, ICTR Defense Attorney, Professor Noam Chomsky, Professor Edward S. Herman – author [The Politics of Genocide], Faustin Twagiramungu, former Rwandan prime minister under Kagame.

Gedeon Hakizimana:

The RPF started shooting on our refugee camp. We were probably hundred thousands of refugees on the shores of the river. We put the ruff in and we were then stuck on a huge rock in the middle of the river. And what we could see on the other side were people being killed, the bombs falling on the shores of the river. People are running in the forests. And I said we will never be able to live again. This might be my last time. To my mind I was like no I do not need assistance. What I need is to escape to get away from this hutu and tutsi conflict because it is bigger than me.

Charles Taku:

The Military I Judgement had said that there was no organised planned genocide in Rwanda. So far in the many cases that have been held at the ICTR. None has come out conclusively with all the evidence saying there was a plan to commit genocide in Rwanda. Quite on the contrary, the court found that what transpired in Rwanda was a spontaneous reaction to the assassination of the president Habyarimana and his Burundian counterpart. And also that prior to the assassination of the president crimes had been committed in Rwanda; crimes did not start in 1994. The violation of the territorial integrity of Rwanda, violation on the international law by Uganda by its surrogate RPF at the time led to the unprecedented massacres of civilians that were not taking part in the war.

Professor Noam Chomsky:

The standard picture over and over again is that the intellectuals either deny or minimize the crimes for which they are responsible or their own states. And which they could do something about and become eloquent and passionate about the crimes of others.

Professor Edward S. Herman:

Genocide is used by various actors to meet their own political needs. It’s a very politicized world.

Faustin Twagiramungu:

About the situation of my country, genocide massacres, you name it, the truth has still to be told.

The Deluge [1] – Bill Clinton, Donatille Niragire, Jean Luc Habyarimana, Philippe Meilhac

The Deluge [2] – Antoine Theophile Nyetera, Milton Allimadi, Professor Noam Chomsky, Susan Thompson, Dr. Jean Marie Vianney Higiro, Faustin Twagiramungu

The Deluge [3] – Kyrsten Sinema, Prof. Peter Erlinder, Remigius Kintu, Marianne Baziruwiha, Wayne Masden

The Deluge [4] – Charles Onana, Dr Jean Marie Vianney Higiro, Milton Allimadi, Henry Gombya, Dr Amii Omara Otumu

The Deluge [5]: Nobel Mbala, Prof. Yan-Lengi Ngemi, Chris Black, Marianne Bazirawiha, Georges Gittoes


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