Calling Africans everywhere to boycott Indian products

Some of the Congolese students arrested in India on Saturday 15/06/2013

Some of the Congolese students arrested in India on Saturday 15/06/2013

This is after police mistreatment of 21 Congolese students in Punjab – India on Saturday 15/06/2013

Weather not the victims are released from detention, this initiative must be undertaken as a preventive measure for future racist attacks or attitudes towards Africans in India.

On May 30th 2013, the Suisse Radio Television [RTSR] humiliated Africans by showing its programme called “Camerounaise cherche Blanc à marier” [translation: Cameroon woman looking for white man to marry.]

The Cameroonian community in Switzerland reacted to the broadcasted programme by organising a public protest in front of the RTSR building in Geneva.

The incident which occurred in Punjab – India translates a similar racist story against Africans of seeing and understanding Africans under certain prejudices and stereotypes.

21 Congolese students enrolled in two universities: Lovely Professional University (L.P.U) and Punjab Technical University (P.T.U) in the North East region of India were on June 15th 2013 unfairly arrested and mistreated by the Indian police. The Indian youth with whom they were involved in fighting each other, were not even investigated.

People get what they deserve. Understandably these Congolese students did not deserve to be mishandled by the Indian police as they were. If someone does not defend themselves, they are either crushed or treated without dignity. The world we live in could become more and more like a jungle if Africans don’t help it to become more and more human like.

In that context, in order to help the Indian authorities to become less xenophobic towards Africans in general, – in fact there have been many atrocious stories of racism against Africans in India which don’t get any cover in the news, we invite Africans wherever they are, either on the continent or in the Diaspora, to boycott Indian products, by stopping buying them from Indian shop in their immediate neighbourhood or big supermarkets.

It would be illogical for Africans and particularly Congolese in this case, to continue enriching someone whose official government security forces don’t consider their brothers and sisters under their watch as humans as they are. The world over should stop looking down on Africans as second class citizens.

Names of the 18 out of 21 concerned detained Congolese students are: Bienfait Kazadi, Maximillienn Mayunga, Gucci Mayunga, Gustave Betofe, Eddy Kabengele, Fridolin Mukeba, John Kalamba, Audrey, Patrick Mbwete, Paulin Nduba, Christian Nduba, Peghuy Lobo, Alain Mubembe, Daniel, Diego Bobo, Jeami Kokopa, Pinko Lume, Audrey, Phuela Muak.



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