Courageous Congolese and Rwandans dent Kagame’s image at Oxford!

BK Kumbi

Leaflet distributed at Oxford University on Saturday 18th May 2013

Leaflet distributed at Oxford University on Saturday 18th May 2013

“…if we must die, we want to get there standing up, albeit with eggs or water bottles as sole weapons.”

What happened at Oxford on Saturday 18th May should be read in the light of the mobilization that began on the internet to sign the petition against the Rwandan president’s visit to the Said Business School. It is only logical. More than 5000 people from around the world decided to say that crime cannot forever be praised and rewarded.

Paul Kagame is a ”genocidaire.”
Paul Kagame is a looter.
Paul Kagame is a liar.

Indeed his role in the tragedy of the Great Lakes is insignificant in the sense that he is only the armed delivery boy of the western countries that are the United States, Britain, Belgium or Germany. Yet, telling him that we will not give up until justice is done, that is saying to these powers: we know.

To exist means to resist; and that is what our brothers and sisters did on Saturday. They resisted the banality of evil while the mindless individuals are proud to be objective allies of a system that makes war to the world and Africans.

Stop believing through those that the inhuman imperialism gives “honor” or preferred platforms, that you have ceased to look like slaves in front of them. You are all most now useful but tomorrow when it comes to building a completely white world, you will only be part of the bandwagon.

It would be foolishness to believe that what is happening today in Africa is exempt of racism. What is going on in our motherland is just a consequence of a white supremacist ideology that decreed one day that we were not humans.

The savagery of our beings is continuously and endlessly staged in pictures, on TVs: we are holding weapons, we are launching missiles, we are raping women and children, and we are dismembering our fellow men. Those who arm us, and de-humanize us, sit quietly in their lounges in Washington, London and Brussels. Those who kill us have no qualms about that because they are above good and evil, despise human life, and scorn black humanity.

Kagame is part of this scenery, he is this alienated Negro who believes or pretends to believe, that he is independent because he has a gun in his hands. In the midst of this expression of barbarism identified as black, women and men rose yesterday to say NO: we are humans too.

We derive our revolt from that humanity, it is from it that we draw our courage to stand up and face intimidation, insults, and death. We can disagree on the form and expression of such revolt, but it would be dishonest to question the courage which guides it.

Our steps may be hesitant and sometimes badly assured but the determination is taking shape and that is from these types of actions that it will strengthen us to finally shine and announce ultimate victory.

Yes, we are African women and men who understand that for each Congolese, each Rwandan, each Malian, and each Libyan who is killed, it is Africa that is murdered. In front of this danger, and if we must die, we want to get there standing up, albeit with eggs or water bottles as sole weapons.

 is a Congolese historian and activist writing for the organization Don’t Be Blind This Time. This is a citizen movement informing people about the situation occurring in DR. Congo. Its objective is to support actions that help the Congolese establish a lasting peace and live with dignity.


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