Don’t Be Blind This Time: Take action and play your part.

By BK Kumbi

Displaced people in North Kivu

Displaced people in North Kivu

“Kagame has facilitated all this.”

Paul Kagame must speak in front of the International Criminal Court, not at Oxford.

He is a murderer, a thief, a liar.

Is it shocking that 1152 women are raped every day in the DR Congo?

Is it shocking that 0.5 million women have been raped these last 16 years in DR Congo?

No, this is not shocking!

What is shocking is the silence that surrounds the sufferings that the women of the Congo are going through every day.

Our fight against war on women should not be partial.

We cannot cry and shout for a woman raped in India and remain silent when little girls as old as 1 year old are raped in the Congo.

We cannot remain silent, when rape is used as a weapon of war to destroy women’s genital and practice ethnic cleansing.

We cannot remain silent when it has been documented that the government of Rwanda sends HIV infected soldiers in the Congo to rape Congolese women to make sure that they won’t survive.

We cannot remain silent when American, European, Asian and African governments know about these practices but turn their eyes away because they support the multinationals that plunder mineral and foremost coltan from the Congo.

We cannot remain silent because this would mean that it is Ok for us that certain women are raped and others not.

We cannot remain silent because what is going on in the Congo is not only about rape, but also about 8 million people who have lost their lives in a war that is not a civil war but a war for minerals for us to have Iphones, Ipad, computers and so on.

Paul Kagame has facilitated all this.

BK Kumbi is a Congolese historian and activist writing for the organization Don’t Be Blind This Time. This is a citizen movement informing people about the situation occurring in DR. Congo. Its objective is to support actions that help the Congolese establish a lasting peace and live with dignity.


What is your opinion about this?

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