3 missiles surface-to-air from Paul Kagame in M23’s hands



Juvenal Habyarimana and Cyprien Ntaryamira, respectively former presidents of Rwanda and Burundi were killed on April 6th 1994 by 2 missiles shot at the presidential plane at 8h30 pm while it was coming from a regional peace meeting in Tanzania.

The deadly missiles had been supplied to the Rwandan president Paul Kagame then rebel leader of the Rwandan Patriotic Front, by his mentor and superior in the army the Ugandan president Joweri Museveni . The aim was to help his movement to gain power in Rwanda.

On his turn, president Paul Kagame is supplying M23 with surface-to-air missiles, this according to a Congolese source. The acquisition of this type weaponry can have 2 supposed different purposes: one is either to challenge militarily the newly established UN brigade for intervention whose 3,000 soldiers from SADC countries are gradually landing in Eastern Congo; or to target Congolese president Joseph Kabila for assassination if his government continues to be a relative obstacle to the balkanization of the DRC.

The duo Museveni/Kagame would not be at its first crime of taking lives of top politicians in the region if the president of DRC was killed to give room to their projects for Eastern Congo, or even the whole country with tacit consent from their Western backers. Former president of Burundi Melchior Ndadaye was assassinated in October 1993, because by being bantou he would have hardly joined the tutsi/hamite Rwandan and Ugandan coalition to invade DRC in 1996. Then there has been president Laurent-Desire Kabila in January 2001 that they plotted against and killed when he resisted their diktat over his country.

It is important to read this information on missiles in the light of other current events particularly in Rwanda. Kagame’s government has in recent weeks fooled the international community through selling bonds worth $400 millions to get liquidity that the cutting of aid last year has made insufficient for its military ventures in Congo particularly.

The same way Western aid to Rwanda sustained his wars in DRC for almost twenty years, people should not be surprised that Wall Street money acquired under the pretext of completing the construction of the Kigali Convention Centre – a project of the Rwandan president without much connection with the reality experienced by millions of starving Rwandans, and investing in Rwandair, end up financing his next war in Congo.

The mentioned source which brought to the public that story of missiles explains:

“It was predictable. Rwanda has already violated the Addis Abeba Peace Security and Cooperation Framework for the Democratic Republic of Congo and the region. Kigali has provided M23 with 3 missiles surface-to-air. This news reported by several sources has been confirmed by the Congolese army’s specialized services and government authorities. Surprisingly, for the last 7 years, it appears that the international community has prohibited selling to rebel groups that type of weaponry. According to military sources, only legitimate governments are authorized to buy and own them. …. during the recent test of these missiles at Rutshuru, Rwandan military experts and others Congolese have been seen alongside Sultan Makenga and Bertrand Bizimwa [M23 military and political leaders].”

As usual, deceit, greed and criminality, continue to be central to the Rwandan president’s way of doing the business of running his country and living with his neighbors. And the only way of ending the suffering of populations of the region that any new escalation of the pending conflict would cause is to address Kagame as the problem, this understandably without forgetting his mentor Museveni. Along the process of solving the issue arousing from these two leaders, there must be an overall strategy of tackling their Western backers namely US and UK mainly which have been using them to achieve their strategic objectives in that part of the African continent.

On the side, can someone understands the reason why US and UK continue deliberately avoiding addressing so far Rwandan and Ugandan leaders knowing their responsibilities in the death of almost 8 million citizens in the last 2 decades without thinking to racism?


One response to “3 missiles surface-to-air from Paul Kagame in M23’s hands

  1. it is very sad to see this kind of things in our continent and the world. stop the killing.


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