Perilous journey of a hunted ICC convict

US Embassy in Rwanda

US Embassy in Rwanda

This is an extract from an article published by AfroAmerica Network on Bosco Ntaganda last escapade. The story reads like a Hollywood script.

When the chief rebel landed, “people at the US Embassy could not believe it. What they did not know is that General Ntaganda was a hunted man, who had run out of options, running for his life, to the risk of spending  the rest of his life in prison, instead of seeing his life abruptly end in the darkness of  the torture rooms somewhere in Rwanda and his body dumped in a jungle in the DRC or along a beaten track in Masisi.”

But can wonder why the Rwandan commander in chief would prefer him dead. “Did  the Rwandan Government want General Ntaganda roaming free in the DRC? No. General Paul Kagame wanted him dead  and along with him the numerous macabre secrets they share. Secrets about the multitude of innocent Congolese Hutu and Rwanda refugees massacred in Kiwandja, Masisi, Rutshuru, and all over North-Kivu.”

What the US Embassy does will determine the fate of important secrets still upheld by the rebel leader. “Perhaps one day General Ntaganda will tell all that truth. The truth General Paul Kagame and General James Kabarebe did not want him to live to tell.”

To read the full story, please click here.


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