DRC: No drones, but sanctions against Rwanda



Who needs additional evidence of Rwanda interference in the Democratic Republic of Congo?

I only see three possibilities.

  1. One has to consider the Rwandan government which has always denied its involvement.
  2. There is also the US which is not yet ready to decide if it should stop its privileged relationship with Rwanda and Uganda despite all the reports claiming these countries’ responsibilities in atrocities being committed in DRC since 1996.
  3. The third category would consist of those who would pretend such need of additional evidence but having other motives. I think this is where the French suggestion to the UNSC to use drones fits.

Rwanda itself is opposed to the use of drones, certainly because this would expose more its implication in its numerous criminal activities in the Kivus. If Paul Kagame’s country opposition to that military technology was in the interests of Africa, his army won’t be so massively assisted in training, intelligence gathering, and equipment by the US. Nobody concerned needs the drones’ use distraction. People are dying and women being raped persistently.

The overwhelming evidence of Rwanda’s involvement in DRC, which has been gathered over so many years and by so many experts, by overlooking it and seeking more of it appears to persistently ignore the horrible plight of Congolese populations.

After more than 6 millions of Congolese dead without effective measures to stop the ordeal, racism against Africans should stop. It is not that solutions are unknown: stopping Paul Kagame from doing what he is doing in DRC.

Strong sanctions against the Rwandan leader whose crimes are incomparable to those less ruthless African dictators should be considered as the only deterrents to get peace in the Great Lakes region.

But the problem is that sanctioning Paul Kagame would affect the benefits that US and other Western countries are getting from his crimes in DRC. This explains their inaction. They continue playing with the lives of Africans with their MONUSCO.

African lives, and particularly Congolese, are as worth as of any other human beings on the planet, including those in the West.

Consequently, those at the UN Security Council, including US, France and UK, please stop continuing protecting Paul Kagame. You heavily sanctioned Bashir of Sudan and Taylor of Liberia. You even ensured Kaddafi of Libya was killed.

No drones in DRC, but sanctions against Rwanda, would be one of the first right decisions to make by the UN Security Council, at the beginning of this 2013 year.

DRC by supporting anything else but sanctions against Rwanda will be counter-productive. Being firm on seeing its aggressor punished will be the only beneficial option.


What is your opinion about this?

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