US government needs to leave the Congolese people alone

Kambale - Musavuli

“Today, we have neither democracy nor stability in Congo due to the continuous interference of Western governments in Congolese politics.” Kambale Musavuli

It surprises when like-minded people speak a same language though being thousands miles apart. I had just ended a discussion panel on the issue of aid to Africa which was hosted by Press TV.

I advocated that the continent should be left alone to sort out its problems, since it is not the resources that are lacking, but the external patronizing which detrimentally interferes extensively in countries’ internal affairs through different forms. This is the root causes of today’s many Africans’ problems.

A few hours after leaving the television studio I found that Kambale Musavuli, spokesperson of Friends of the Congo, was bringing out on his facebook pages a similar message, particularly about his country the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Please read here the entire text of his message on that persistent need of leaving Africans alone. They are capable of sorting out their problems, when not portrayed as hopeless, corrupt or dictatorial. One clarification however: an African leader generally becomes a dictator from the perspective of mainstream Western media when he does not serve interests of their exploitative capitalist system anymore. In case he remained in power far too long but still considered as helpful, he will be described as “our guy.”

Why do people ask what the Congolese government is doing about the crisis in the Congo? I mean the Congolese government does not represent the Congolese people and yes it was installed by the United States and this is no joke at all because now we have a mess in Congo and Congolese are asked to clean up someone else’s mess. We don’t mind doing it but let’s get the record straight.

It’s always interesting to see people asking for question about the Congolese government when we are all aware it lacks legitimacy as the Congolese people did not vote for this current government

Historical fact:

1. Congolese go to the polls and vote for a new president on November 28, 2011. These elections are marred with irregularities.

2. December 2011, the results are published and there is a clear consensus that Joseph Kabila- declared winner of the elections- stole the elections.

3. Congolese around the world even inside the country organized rallies to denounce the fraudulent elections. International and local organisations release documents to show just how bad Kabila cheated.

4. February 15, 2012 – US Ambassador James Entwistle solidifies Kabila’s theft of the will of the people pronounced during the November 2011 elections. He does so in hiding as this was not publicized widely

Entwislte says « La position des Etats Unis est claire : nous reconnaissons Joseph Kabila comme Président de la République Démocratique du Congo pour les cinq années à venir. » meaning “The position of the United States is clear: We recognize Joseph Kabila as the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo for the next five years.”

Given the US move in support of Kabila, the international community followed US move in accepting to recognize Kabila as the president of the Congo knowing very well he did not win the elections.

5. The choice to support Kabila by the West used the thinking that Congo needed stability over democracy and this issue will go away. A month after the US recognized Kabila as president, Bosco Ntaganda- a war criminal- leaves the Congolese army for fear of being arrested and has started a rebellion with the support of Rwanda which has now caused the displacement of over 1 million Congolese and scores of deaths.

Democratic Republic of Congo6.Today, we have neither democracy nor stability in Congo due to the continuous interference of western governments in Congolese politics.

Yes, Congolese can take responsibility of the issues in their country but US needs to stop supporting dictators in Africa. The US government needs to leave the Congolese people alone so that they can choose their own leaders and that we don’t get in a mess like the one we have right now where the government lacks legitimacy and then the US government has the audacity to tell the Congolese people to work with a government they chose for the Congolese people.


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