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Murder, Mayhem and the UN: Carnage in the Congo

By Thomas C. Mountain

… create a crisis and then manage the chaos to better loot and plunder,…

UN General Assembly

UN General Assembly

It took me a moment to get to the bottom of what the writer of the article Thomas C. Mountain is saying. Initially, I thought he was confusing between UN and US in places where he for example explains that the international organisation gave arms to Rwanda, I couldn’t clearly picture that. But I remembered how back in 93/94, in the case of Rwanda, the UN [MINUAR peacekeeping mission] had facilitated the supply of weapons to the Rwandan Patriotic Front of Paul Kagame, when its contingent were supposed to be neutral in the then civil war which was ongoing in the country. This reflected what a Congolese friend Patrick Mbeko has themed “the strategy of the blue angel.” The following content will certainly be an eye-opener for the reader or give them a new perspective to understand what is going on in the Democratic Republic of Congo for almost two decades.  Continue reading