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Kampala negotiations between M23 and Kabila Government: A case of insanity.

Ugandan President Joweri Museveni

Ugandan President Joweri Museveni

Insanity is defined by doing something over and over again and expecting a different result. Since 1985, Joweri Museveni has trapped everyone in a particular case of insanity. He has mastered that vice of making people believe that through negotiations they can achieve peace, while his agents and those he works for are busy undermining such outcome, and ensuring the ensuing result corresponds to his or their expectations. The human cost involved is always part of the plan. The negotiations between his rebel movement NRM/A and the Ugandan government of Okello between 1982 and 1985 are revealing.

And to confirm such insanity, as I was finalizing this piece, Radio Okapi had published a story saying that Rwandan Security Forces had again entered Eastern Congo on Tuesday 11th December, while the US Congress Committee on Foreign Affairs was hearing Experts on the Congolese crisis and when Kampala negotiations were ongoing. Though, the whole picture translated the attitude of the Rwandan president when he repeated to his compatriots on the day telling them to stand firm against any adversity up to the end. Continue reading


Ambassador Susan Rice shielding President Paul Kagame

Ambassador Susan Rice -UN Picture

Ambassador Susan Rice -UN Picture

“I find Susan Rice as culprit as Paul Kagame.”

At first, I don’t guess he did imagine at the time that the tracking of his people including himself, like animals chased by hunters went so far and so deep inside the US administration.

One, he didn’t have the mind to think properly, two, his thoughts were driven by the fallen bodies of women, elderly and children he was passing by running, only preoccupied by escaping from being the next victim.

I suppose he thought he was being purchased only by the Rwandan president Paul Kagame’s rebels.

But I suppose when he read the news, he was confirmed in what he must’ve somehow suspected all these years. Continue reading