M23: A glimpse of what DRC expects

M23 public meeting in Goma after the capture of Goma provincial capital of North Kivu – BBC picture

When these rebels capture a city or a location, populations are always called for public meetings.

The rebels explain them that they are their liberators.

They proclaim marvelous promises for things people have missed under previous corrupt, undemocratic, and criminal administrations. 

Development is on the agenda. It’s heaven coming to earth.

The pattern is the same from the Lwero triangle in Uganda, Kagitumba in Rwanda, and Kitona in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

After the meetings, it’s the extermination of all elements that political strategists of the rebels judge that they could in the future jeopardize the consolidation of their authority in conquered territory.

In some areas it is systematic cleansing of any human lives because they are destined for specific better projects.

Over the years I have had tens of testimonies of how millions of innocent people have died and continue to die in the Great Lakes region.

It’s not that the world does not know what is happening. And with the new technology, they cannot pretend they are not aware of the atrocities being committed which seem endless.

The clip you can watch by clicking here, was taken by Olivier Mitima, a courageous citizen reporter in Goma who captured the incident on Wednesday 21st November 2012 after that M23 had just declared the previous day to the people of Goma that they were coming to liberate them, and that they will be marching to Kinshasa.

Should we blame these rebels for what they are doing to civilians, or have done for all these years? Yes we must.

But most importantly, even their commissioners Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Yoweri Museveni of Uganda could not be blamed enough.

The most responsible in the overall tragedy of Congolese and other populations of the Great Lakes region are US and UK governments which don’t consider them as human beings worth living as long as economic interests of these two nations are preserved.

The two countries are ensuring that MONUSCO becomes inefficient. How? By not letting it do what it is there for: bringing and maintaining peace.

Otherwise there is no other explanation one can come up with to justify the persistent impunity of Rwandan and Ugandan presidents despite so many conclusive investigations from international experts about their responsibilities in the death of so many lives over so many years.

The latest final report of the UN Group of Experts points at high rank authorities among the Rwandan government and administration. It also shows Ugandan officials have been helping the rebels.

As the US representatives at the UN have constantly covered up the ongoing on-slaughter of Congolese, their country bears significant responsibility for the continuous suffering of concerned populations in the region.




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