Think DRC: Turn off your mobile phone for one day only


During their campaign of raising awareness on the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and each year during the month of October, Friends of the Congo organize Congo Week. It’s a programme of events and activities focused on DRC and planned around the world.

On Wednesday: 17 October 2012 – It was a Day without a mobile phone.

You may have missed it. Never mind. There are 365 days in a year. Decide on which one you can willingly switch off your mobile completely for the sake of the people of DRC.

You may not know the link between the conflict in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and the looting of minerals in that region.

Indeed, the illegal exploitation of coltan is one of the factors fueling war in the Kivu provinces – Eastern Congo.

What is Coltan?


Columbite-tantalite or coltan, a black mineral found in large quantities in the Democratic Republic of Congo. When coltan is refined it becomes a heat resistant powder that can resist a high electrical charge.

This is an unusual and strategic mineral used in industry to produce mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, etc.

Democratic Republic of Congo has large reserves of this mineral, estimated to be about 64 to 80% of the world to this day.

Day without mobile is a way of raising awareness about the conflict in the Congo, which began in 1996 and continues today. We encourage organizations on campus, and communities to support the people of the Congo in its efforts to restore and promote peace, stability and human dignity.

What should I do during the day without mobile?

– Turn off your mobile as long as possible. This also applies to text messages.

– Change your answering machine by using this message:

“Did you know that the Democratic Republic of Congo has between 64 and 80% of the world’s coltan, a natural resource central to the operating of our cell phones? While we benefit from coltan, nearly 8 million Congolese have died in the deadliest conflict since World War II, after the rush to coltan and other minerals essential to modern technology. Join us in solidarity with the Congolese people by not using your phone for at least a day or more”


One response to “Think DRC: Turn off your mobile phone for one day only

  1. G wiz, yes that day was missed but is it an annual proceeding. Also, are your familiar with the day over here where people refuse to spend any money?


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