Ongoing lobbying in UK for change in DRC

UK Parliament building

Congolese and African Diaspora are continuing to lobby seeking change in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Under the chairmanship of British MP Jeremy Corbyn and at the initiative of Ms Victoria Dimandja of Liberation Congolese Women’s Group, a meeting for solidarity with the people of D.R.Congo was held on 16 October 2012 at Portcullis House, Embankment, SW1, London, from 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm.

The speakers included Victoria Dimandja of Liberation Congolese Women’s Group; Marie Lyse Numuhoza of Global Campaign for Rwandan Human Rights; Lauretta Onochie of Africa First; Joseph Semwogerere Mulwannyamuli, Uganda former Prime Minister; Richard Semitego of Uganda Federal Front and Africa First; Mike Makola of Patrice Lumumba Coalition.

All the interventions focused particularly on the situation in DRC, but

Democratic Republic of Congo

also looked at the geopolitics of the entire region. Solutions to the ongoing instability in the region were also suggested. The text below lists the recommendations that were discussed and approved

“We, citizens of the Great Lakes region of Africa together with supporters from the UK and the Diaspora organisations have gathered in London on October 16, 2012 to voice our concerns.

We urge all justice seekers around the world to request from the United Nations Security Council, European Union and particularly the UK and USA governments to consider the following recommendations for the sake of the innocent lives that have been and continue to be taken every day that debate is delayed: 

  1. Grant the Congolese people their autonomy, independence and liberty to choose their leaders and manage their country according to democratic principles.
  2. Cease international aid to governments involved in destabilizing the DRC.
  3. Pressure Rwanda to stop interfering in the DRC and cease military support to the M23 group.
  4. Press the Congolese government to arrest war criminals and mandate UN Peace keepers to collaborate with government troops in the DRC to arrest all wanted leaders of the M23 group including Bosco Ntaganda.
  5. Press Rwanda to surrender Laurent Nkunda for trial for crimes against the Congolese people.
  6. Commission the International Criminal Court to investigate all crimes against humanity identified by the UN mapping report and UN groups of experts.
  7. Press Uganda to cease military support to armed groups in the DRC.
  8. Call for and support constructive dialogue amongst political parties and civil society groups in DRC, Rwanda and Uganda.
  9. Demand an immediate release of: activists, journalists and political prisoners and the end of unlawful imprisonment of those exercising their freedom of speech.
  10. Pressure the multinational corporations to stop the grotesque crimes they are committing, fueled by the looting of Congo’s riches.”

The chairman of the meeting who is also member of the All Parties Group for the Great Lakes Region in the UK Parliament promised to introduce these recommendations when the House will debate on the question of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

For further information, the organisers of the meeting can be contacted by emailing to and


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